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キーラ・コルピ 基本情報


キーラ・コルピ(Kiira KORPI)

フルネーム:Kiira Linda Katriina Korpi
身長:166 cm
体重:58 kg
所属クラブ:Tapparan FSC
コーチ:Maaret Siromaa, Susanna Haarala
振付師:Nelli Petanen


Kiira Linda Katriina Korpi
September 26th, 1988 Tampere
166 cm, 58 kg
Present residence: Tampere
Club: Tapparan FSC
Coaches: Maaret Siromaa, Susanna Haarala
Choreographer: Nelli Petanen


2005 WJCh 10th, EurCh 13th.
2006 EurCh 6th.

Kiira has for some time been acknowledged as the brightest young prospect in Finnish figure skating. The European Championships in Lyons in January 2006 marked her grand entry to the international scene. The 17-year-old skated a breathtaking free program to finish sixth, up seven places from the year before. She leaped ahead of her two team-mates in the process and secured for herself one of Finland’s two tickets to the ladies competition at the Olympic Games. Kiira’s hobbies include ballet, yoga and snowboarding. Her father Rauno Korpi is a famous ice hockey coach, who led the Finnish women’s team to Olympic bronze in Nagano 1998.

(Photo: Lehtikuva)

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