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さっそくVille先生から英訳が届いたので、何回かに分けて掲載(thanks, Ville)。

「医者になりたいの」”Haluan laakariksi”











(Finnish to English translation:Ville)

Figure skater Kiira Korpi is trying to keep calm despite all the attention from the fans and media. The young woman is dreaming of success in figure skating and of becoming a doctor.

It’s a normal busy tuesday afternoon in the Hakametsa: ice-stadium.
Insted of a puck the hockey players are observing a young lady dressed in pink, whom they soon recognize as the hometown star, figure skater Kiira Korpi.

On the season that has just ended, Kiira made herself known to the whole figure skating world. In a period of just a couple of months she took part to the European Championships in Lyon, to the Olympic Games in Torino and to the World Championships in Calgary. Her placings were sixth, sixteenth and tenth.

– After three major events I feel very relieved. I gathered a lot of new experiences. The most memorable moment of the season was in Lyon when I heard that I was going to the Olympics, Kiira sums it up while posing to the photographer.

The transition from junior to senior competitions was easy for Kiira.
Altough she immediately noticed that the relationships between other skaters are not as friendly as in the junior competitions.

– The European skaters are very nice in general, but some American and Russian skaters are a bit diva-like. Altough I thought that the competition would have been even tougher.

All the interest from the media and the big crowds have not overtaken Kiira. She has kept it calm and has been focusing on the most important thing, practicing.
(to be continued)

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