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「医者になりたいの」”Haluan laakariksi”

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At the moment Kiira is already looking towards next season and the European and the World Championship competitions. Currently she is doing basic training and also working on a new short program.

She is now training two times a day, and at the beginning of june she will have a two weeks vacation. After that there will be a training-camp organized by the skating club of hers and after midsummer she will travel somewhere for training.
– The destination is still open, last year I was in the United States.

Along with training a lot of self-discipline is needed in following the correct diet. Esthetics in figure skating is as important as in the ballet, but Kiira has always been comfortable with her figure.

– At younger age I though I was too tall and too big for figure skating, but now I have realised that my height makes the presentation more impressive, the 167 centimeter tall girl tells.

As for her strengths she lists good technique, jumps and charisma on the ice. Her weaknesses are flexibility and pirouettes.
– Of course every aspect must be developed equally, you can never be too perfect.
(to be continued)

[Caption on page 30] The photoshooting dresses remind Kiira of her first competition outfit.
– It was multi-coloured and actually pretty nice. Although back then I was jealous for the ruffle-dresses the other girls had, Kiira smiles.

[Caption on page 31] Along with skating there is also strength- and stamina-training, ballet and astanga-yoga in Kiiras training program.
– With yoga I am trying improve my flexibility.

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