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As a guest on a Japanese talkshow

When Kiira was in the Olympic Games in Torino, an invitation to a competition held in Tokyo in may was unexpectedly handed to her. At first she was going to decline because the season would already be over and she shoud be focusing on the next season.

– It was a bit odd situation because I have never had any competitions this late. But then I decided to accept the invitation because the World Championships next year are held in Tokyo, and this is an excellent opportunity to become acquainted with the city and see how easy it is to adjust to the time difference, Kiira says.

The one-day event will be a team competition where European, Japanese and North-American teams are competing with each other. Every team consists of two women and two men. Kiira will be performing her long program that has become familiar to all during this season.

– I am really flattered that I was invited to take part in this competition. Among others a multiple time world champion Aleksei Jagudin will also be skating in the European team.

Apart from the competition Kiira will also appear on a Japanese talkshow. Linguistically very talented lady laughs when she asked about her skills in Japanese language.
– Luckily they have promised to get me an interpreter.

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