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Choreography of new program/新プログラムの振り付け(1)




Article on Etela-Suomen Sanomat 03.06.2006
(English translation by Ville)

Knowhow from Lahti behind Kiira Korpi’s success

Kiira Korpi moved to the top league of figure skating when she took the
sixth place in the European Championships this spring and the success
in World Championships and Olympic Games made her known among the figure skating audiences through out the world.

But few are aware that an important factor behind Korpi’s success is
Nelli Petanen from Lahti, who has been designing Korpi’s competition
programs for four years now. Also Korpi agrees about the importance of
a good choreographer.
– The closer to the top you get the more important it is that the
programs are well thought out and every single detail is polished,
Kiira says.

Kiira’s support team is also special in a way, unlike the other finnish
top skaters her whole coaching team is from Finland.
– It’s great when we can present this finnish expertise. My coaches
Maaret Siromaa and Susanna Haarala are finnish and I’m glad that I have
also found a good finnish choreographer, Kiira says.

Nelli Petanen works as a teacher in Kannas highschool, where she
teaches physical and health education. She comes with a background in figure skating and dance pedagogics studies. Petanen creates
choreographies in Lahti, Tampere and Vantaa.
– Creating choreographies is a nice balance against teaching, sometimes
stressfull and physically demanding but very rewarding, Nelli says.

When creating programs you have to find a music and a theme in which
you can build a story to support the performance. Also the skater’s
skill-level and body language has to be taken into consider.
– For example when producing a program for Kiira I have to consider
her fast skating and also some jumps require specific places because
of the preparing phase, Nelli explains.

(to be continued…)

[photo caption] Korpi and Petanen are examining the frame of the
program that the coaches have drawn to them. (photo Marika Aho)

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