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Choreography of new program/新プログラムの振り付け(2)



「晴れた日にビーチに行くのが夢なの! アイスクリームやおいしいお菓子を食べられるといいな」


Programs with different styles

When the competition season is over Petanen and Korpi meet at Tampere,
where they start creating the new programs.
– Everything starts from the music, which is chosen either by me, the
skater or the coaches, Nelli tells.
– Finding the music takes a lot of time and I recruit my sister and
mother to help in finding suitable music, so it’s like a family-thing,
Kiira laughs.

When the music has been chosen the coaches draw the basic structure
of the program to paper, where the places of different jumps and spins
has been marked. With the frame provided by coaches Petanen and Korpi
start working with the program.
– Kiira gives her own ideas to the program and tests how my ideas are
working out, Nelli explains how the program is created with teamwork.

The styles of Korpi’s programs for next season are very different from
each other, the short program is built on fast Mexican-style music and
the long program is more lyrical.
– The coaches wanted to have two different style musical scores so that
Kiira’s skills can be presented well, Nelli explains.

Through out the year Petanen and Korpi meet on regular basis, and the
programs are refined when ever the order of jumps are changed or the
interpretation needs to be worked on. The teaching for Petanen is soon
over for this school year and also Korpi is planning to have some time
off to gather strengths for next season.
– I’m dreaming of sunny weather and going to the beach! And it would
be nice to have some ice-cream and other goodies, Kiira laughs.

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