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Article on Ilkka-newspaper 27.06.2006/イルッカ新聞の記事

Photo:Minna Hirvela
Article on Ilkka-newspaper 27.06.2006
(English translation by Ville)

Kiira Korpi wants to the top

Kiira Korpi’s skating career has been successfull so far, in 2005 she took silver in Finnish Championships and bronze in 2006. In this years European Champioships she was sixth and in the World Championships she was tenth.

Korpi says that the biggest moment as an athlete were the Olympic games in Torino. There she was sixteenth.

The atmosphere in Olympics is totally different from other international competitions, Kiira remembers.

Being a top athlete requires sacrifices, but it depends on the individual how it’s done. Kiira who studies in the Sampo highschool in Tampere says that the studies and training are in good balance.

– There’s not much free time after school and training, but there’s some.

Beautiful Kiira enchants on the ice

Korpi thinks that in the future it’s important to be able to develop and to improve one’s performances every year. The absolute placings are not as important as the constant improving from active training. Staying healthy is the key condition.

– I have been able to avoid all serious injuries, but I have knock on wood because you never know beforehand something is going to happen.

At the moment Korpi thinks that she’s in good fit, but she doesn’t gloat with it. Let the future results speak for them selves.

Kiira’s enchanting performances on the ice have created a growing group of admirers. Beautiful Kiira can still walk in peace on the streets, but fan mail has been coming in.

– In sports circles my face is familiar, but it’s a good thing that not everyone that passes by recognizes me.

[photo caption] In june Korpi trained for a couple of weeks in a practice camp in the Kuortane sports academy. The tough camp has gone well and after midsummer starts her short summer vacation.







*knock on wood:欧米のおまじないの一種。「この運が長続きしますように」と木でできているものを叩く

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