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Who skated to the Phantom of the Opera?/オペラ座で滑った選手たち

As someone mentioned on a forum that
“I remember Marina Kielmann skated to the Phantom of the Opera”,
I tried to search single skaters who skated to the Phantom of the Opera:
(except Ice Dance, Pairs and “The Phantom of the Opera on Ice” by Roberto Danova)

The Phantom of the Opera (Andrew L. Webber)
94 Ladies FS Krisztina Czako HUN
94 Ladies FS Marina Kielmann GER

Phantom Of The Opera From The Musical
Natalia Lebedeva (Russia) 1990 World Championships Short
Kathleen Kelly Cutrone (USA) 1996 US Nationals Short

Music Of The Night from The Musical Phantom Of The Opera (Andrew Lloyd Webber)
Brian Boitano (USA) 1996, 1997 World Professional Championships Long

Organ music (Phantom of the Opera)
Maria Butyrskaya (Russia) 1994 Goodwill Games

Some useful sites to search skating music:
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Skating Music Page
SkateWeb: The Figure Skating Page

# 「オペラ座の怪人」で滑った選手たちを調べてみた。けっこう少ない?多い?

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