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Kiira Korpi is the Most Positive Person of The Year in Tampere(2)

Here is further infomation from thepress releasetranslated by Ville.

Kiira Korpi came to the knowledge of the wider audiences during the Torino Olympics. “The criteria set for The Most Positive Person in Tamepere all combine in a positive way in Kiira Korpi.” the jury points out. “She has showed persistence in her training and career. Special determination and ambition the young skater has showed in school, despite all the practice and travelling for competitions her grades have been excellent. Cheerful Kiira is a good role model and she inspires other young people to excercise. She also brings forward in positive way the fact that she’s from Tampere.” the jury continues.

Through this award we want to emphasize Kiira Korpi’s promising career in figure skating and her positive attitude towards life. “Kiira Korpi is a real fighter. She isn’t discouraged by small setbacks but takes her performance to the end with an honour!”, described one person who proposed Kiira for the award. “Kiira’s gorgeus performances on the ice have built a growing group of admirers which extends also beyond the Finnish borders.” justified another person of his choise.

Kiira who was just leaving to a training camp abroad was happily surprised when she heard of the choice. She said thank you to the people in Tampere and wished a sunny summer for all.