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Kiira Korpi’s diary from Astavita/キーラ・コルピの夏日記

Kiira Korpi (photo by Astavita)Net diaries
(translated by Ville)

12.7.2006 – It’s so lovely when it’s summer! Summer has always been my favourite season because I like sun and warm weather. On my freetime – that I don’t have many days – I live a life of a normal young woman. I hang out with my friends and lay on the beach. Now after the training camp at Kuortane Sports Academy I have a couple of days “free” and then I’m heading to a training camp in Tartto.

As much a summer person I am, the busiest training phase for figure skaters is the summer because there are no competitions then. The training phase in summer is used to build up the base condition and strength for the “explosive” jumps. During this summer I will go through six weeks of training in camps: two on the Kuortane Sports Academy, two at Tartto in Estonia and two in Spain. On the camps there is 4-5 hours on ice training every day. The additional training consists of weight lifting, dance and speed and endurance training. So there’s a lot more training in the summer than during the winter, when I practice 2-3 hours every day.

The first competion for me in the fall is probablythe international Finlandia Trophy -competition(Oct. 6-8, 2006) held in Tikkurila here in Finland.

Today I gave myself a permission to eat some vanilla ice cream and strawberries. Of course I miss being able to eat all the treats, but it’s part of this business. Every now and then I also long for something less healthy like fast food. I know that eating delicacies is not an everyday thing and occasional treats are also good for your mind. Otherwise I eat typical food for athletes: versatile and healthy home food, lots of vegetables and fruits. I don’t keep any specific nutriment diary. I prefer eating often rather than larger portions more seldom. The most important thing is to not gain any excess weight.

As an athlete I’m trying to get all the neccessary vitamins and minerals from the food I eat. I do use vitamin-C and iron as a supplement to my normal diet. I have been using Astavita for some months now. It keeps me going, does good for my muscle fitness and helps me to recover after hard training. I think Astavita works very well for athletes as a nutritional supplement and it also boost the vitamin-c’s effect as an antioxidant. At the same time it keeps the skin healthy. The benefits of using Astavita are many, and you will find them out after you choose Astavita for your everyday support, like I have done!

Now I have time to spend the afternoon at the beach, but after that I have to start packing for the training camp.

Energetic summer wishing your Kiira!

Ps. In fall you will hear how the summer training went.
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