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Kiira Korpi’s interview on a figure skating magazine in Japan/インタビュー掲載誌

Kiira’s interview and photos at Japan Open 2006 has been appeared on a Japanese magazine,“World Figure Skating” No.24, Oct. 2006 issue. .
The article contains a nice interview by a famous writer/editor, Waki Shiraishi and beautiful photos of Kiira on and off ice.


Happy Birthday Kiira!/お誕生日おめでとう!

Today, 26th September 2006,
it’s Kiira Korpi’s 18th birthday!

Happy Happy Birthday, Kiira!!!

Hope you have a wonderful and fruitful year filled with love!


Unofficial birthday party in Japan/勝手に誕生パーティ!

日時:9/23(土・祝) 午後12時集合


Kiira Korpi unofficial 18th birthday party in Japan
Date: Saturday, 23rd September 2006
Time: afternoon
Place: atmoicafe, a finnish cafe in Ogikubo, Tokyo (subject to change)
fee: 500yen or more?
Why don’t you come and join us!?
Let’s have a chat about Kiira over a cup of coffee.
For further infomation, please mail me or comment here.

Who’s Mr. Harry Harkimo!?/新マネージャー、ハリー・ハーキモ氏とは

Who’s Harry “Hjallis” Harkimo, her manager…?
Photos of him reminds me of
the talkshow on MTV3 in March.
Yeah, it was him! Great!
# but how can i pronounce his name?

ハーキモ? ハルキモ? ファーストネームもどう読むんだ?
Kiira talked with Harry “Hjallis” Harkimo and Anna Sorainen on a MTV3 talkshow in March. cMTV3

Kiira Korpi on sports news/新聞によりますと…

Several sports news on Finnish TVs and newspapers reported the latest topics of Kiira Korpi.
Turun Sanomat
Here is a short summary translated by Ville.
Photo: cValio

The leading dairy-product manufacturerValioannounced yesterday thatthey have made a two year sponsorship deal (plus one optional year) with Kiira Korpiwhich will cover all her training at home and abroad for the next years and also enable her to bring two person along with her out of three, both of her coaches and physiotherapist to international competitions (also here in English). Her goals for next season is to qualify for both EC (3 spots for Finland) and WC (2 spots for Finland) and the long term goal is still the 2010 Winter Olympics.

On the articles she also tells that during the summer she begun working on the triple-axel, and it’s almost there but we won’t see her trying it yet on the coming season. Along with normal school she is also doing her driving school so that she can get her driver’s licence as soon as she turns eighteen.

The music for the short program is from the sound track of the movie“Once Upon a Time in Mexico”and she says she hasn’t seen the movie (and the writer thinks it’s probably a good thing).


んで、ショートプログラムの音楽は「レジェンド・オブ・メキシコ/デスペラード」ですか。ほー。これは後ほど詳しく。あと、トリプルアクセルも研究中! ほとんどできてるんだけど、今シーズンの本番ではやらないだろうって感じですか。うーむ、なるほど。

Kiira Korpi is the most positive Finn/キーラ・コルピが「フィンランドで一番ポジティブな人」に!

©Positiivarit Ky 
Kiira Korpi has been chosen asThe Most Positive Finn of the year.

Behind the selection were Junior Chamber International Finland and Positiivarit ry (organization promoting positive thinking). Also a group of other business leaders were in the jury this year. The award was presented in Helsinki on thursday.

The grounds for the award were Kiira Korpi’s determination in life, sense of direction and a rousingly positive attitude towards life, which makes her a close and wholesome role model for young people. Kiira Korpi is also a shining “business-card” for Finland on the international ices.

(Reported and translated by Ville. thanks!)


Kiira Korpi as a news reporter/キーラ・コルピがニュース番組でレポーターに

Not as a interviewee but a interviewer! Wow, check it out!
Ville reports:
Last night the news-broadcast on the commercial MTV3 channel celebrated their 25th year on the air. There were all kinds of special segments and one of them was this humorous mock-newscast made by finnish celebrities.
Kiira’s part was about the upcoming hockey season and she interviewed the two Tampere based teams Tappara and Ilves and then went to the town market square and asked people which team they support.

So go tolink (MTV3)and click “31.08.2006 Maikkarin uutiset julkkisten voimin” from the list on the left side. The Kiira’s part begins at about 2/3 from the start.
Or, clickhereto download the wmv file.
You can also watch it onYouTube.

Here is an english transcript to the clip by Ville:
– And then sports. The new season of the Finnish Hockey League will start exactly in two weeks.
– We sent out our skating reporter Kiira Korpi to find out what is the current balance of power in Tampere.
Skating reporter:
– Tampere is a hockey-town to the blood. Every year a fierce battle if fought to determine which one is the best hockey team in Tampre, Ilves or Tappara. Last year Tappara prevailed, what is the case this year? Let’s ask Janne.
– So Janne, what is the recipe to beat Ilves in the upcoming season?
Janne Ojanen:
– Well, strong defensive game and we need to make one more goal than the Ilves on every game.
Skating reporter:
– And now let’s find out what are the Ilves players thinking.
– So Pasi, what is the plan to bring down Tappara on the coming season?
Pasi Petrilainen:
– At least for the first game I hope that you too Kiira will turn to support the right team, and with a lot of support I think we can win.
Skating reporter:
– In Tampere everybody has to choose their side, it’s either Ilves or Tappara. Rumours even suggest that on job interviews people are required to tell which color they confess.
– Now we are here at the Tammela market square where at this time of the fall people discuss about the coming hockey season and eatblack sausage. Let’s find out whose stakes are rated higher.
Skating reporter:
– Which one is the Tampere champion on the coming season?
– Ilves.
Man #1:
– Nobody knows it yet, they have to play first.
Skating reporter:
– Well what’s your guess?
Man #1:
– I don’t guess, I have guessed wrong so many years in a row.
Skating reporter:
– Which one do you support?
Man #1:
– Tappara of course!
Man #2:
– I hope that Ilves wins.
Skating reporter:
– Why have you always been a Ilves supporter?
Man #2:
– I was sixteen when I made my choice, and back then one of the reasons
was that Ilves had nicer playing uniforms that the “carrot pants”.