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Kiira Korpi on sports news/新聞によりますと…

Several sports news on Finnish TVs and newspapers reported the latest topics of Kiira Korpi.
Turun Sanomat
Here is a short summary translated by Ville.
Photo: cValio

The leading dairy-product manufacturerValioannounced yesterday thatthey have made a two year sponsorship deal (plus one optional year) with Kiira Korpiwhich will cover all her training at home and abroad for the next years and also enable her to bring two person along with her out of three, both of her coaches and physiotherapist to international competitions (also here in English). Her goals for next season is to qualify for both EC (3 spots for Finland) and WC (2 spots for Finland) and the long term goal is still the 2010 Winter Olympics.

On the articles she also tells that during the summer she begun working on the triple-axel, and it’s almost there but we won’t see her trying it yet on the coming season. Along with normal school she is also doing her driving school so that she can get her driver’s licence as soon as she turns eighteen.

The music for the short program is from the sound track of the movie“Once Upon a Time in Mexico”and she says she hasn’t seen the movie (and the writer thinks it’s probably a good thing).


んで、ショートプログラムの音楽は「レジェンド・オブ・メキシコ/デスペラード」ですか。ほー。これは後ほど詳しく。あと、トリプルアクセルも研究中! ほとんどできてるんだけど、今シーズンの本番ではやらないだろうって感じですか。うーむ、なるほど。