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Finally Kiira finished at…[Skate America (6)]

Kiira Korpi Skate America 2006 FS

Kiira was finally 7th place overall… but yes, 5th place in Free Skate!!
(yet Emily Hughes was 6th! and Mao Asada, 4th!! in FS)
You made it, Kiira!

Ladies Final Results
FPl. Name Nat. Points SP FS
1 Miki ANDO JPN 192.59 2 1
2 Kimmie MEISSNER USA 177.78 3 2
3 Mao ASADA JPN 171.23 1 4
4 Sarah MEIER SUI 169.01 4 3
5 Emily HUGHES USA 147.34 5 6
6 Mai ASADA JPN 138.29 6 7
7 Kiira KORPI FIN 132.93 8 5
8 Mira LEUNG CAN 128.07 7 8
9 Valentina MARCHEI ITA 116.81 9 9
10 Michelle CANTU MEX 108.04 10 11
11 Katy TAYLOR USA 106.07 11 10

キーラちゃん、よく頑張った! おつかれさまでした。

5th place at Free Skate [Skate America (5)]

She was the 5th place at Free Skate!

Result Details – Ladies Free Skate
Pl. Name Nation TSS
1 Miki ANDO JPN 125.85
2 Kimmie MEISSNER USA 118.96
3 Sarah MEIER SUI 111.41
4 Mao ASADA JPN 102.39
5 Kiira KORPI FIN 89.95
6 Emily HUGHES USA 89.92
7 Mai ASADA JPN 89.63
8 Mira LEUNG CAN 83.73
9 Valentina MARCHEI ITA 73.89
10 Katy TAYLOR USA 71.41
11 Michelle CANTU MEX 70.66

Here is video from YouTube. Enjoy!


Free Skate Starting Order [Skate America (4)]

Kiira Korpi Skate America 2006 SP
Ladies free skate starting order is here.
Wow, Kiira is the first skater of all!

Group 1
3 Michelle CANTU MEX
5 Valentina MARCHEI ITA
Group 2
10 Sarah MEIER SUI


8th place after SP [Skate America (3)]

Kiira is 8th place after Short Program.
Results is here.
FPl. Name Nat. Points SP
1 Mao ASADA JPN 68.84 1
2 Miki ANDO JPN 66.74 2
3 Kimmie MEISSNER USA 58.82 3
4 Sarah MEIER SUI 57.60 4
5 Emily HUGHES USA 57.42 5
6 Mai ASADA JPN 48.66 6
7 Mira LEUNG CAN 44.34 7
8 Kiira KORPI FIN 42.98 8
9 Valentina MARCHEI ITA 42.92 9
10 Michelle CANTU MEX 37.38 10
11 Katy TAYLOR USA 34.66 11

Go Kiira! Fly High!!

Music: Eye Patch(Robert Rodriguez) / Yo Te Quiero(Marcos Loya)
from original soundtrack “Once Upon a Time in Mexico”(2003)
Eye Patch(Robert Rodriguez) / Yo Te Quiero(Marcos Loya)

Kiira is there and practicing! [Skate America (2)]

Kiira is practicing on Skate America at the Hartford Civic Center in Hartford!

Kiira Korpi practices (
[Photo caption] KIIRA KORPI of Finland, who is competing in the ladies division of Skate America 2006, starts her routine during a practice session at the Hartford Civic Center in Hartford on Wednesday. Oct 25, 2006

Photo by Yoon S. Byun from Skate America Photo Gallery, The Hartford Courant – sports

Kiira Korpi practices (U.S. Figure Skating) Kiira Korpi practices (U.S. Figure Skating)
Photos by Michelle Wojdyla from 2006 Skate America News and Photos, U.S. Figure Skating
Photos, videos, news and blogs… They’re doing really great works!

Skate America is coming!

It’s Kiira’s first overseas competition in this season.
Go, Kiira! Go, Again!

Skate America official site is here.

Short Program Starting Order
[Group 1]
[Group 2]
6 Kiira Korpi FIN6 Kiira KORPI FIN
7 Valentina MARCHEI ITA
9 Michelle CANTU MEX

Ladies – Short Program Starting Order
All Skaters (updated)
All Skaters (pdf)

LADIES Schedulein EST(U.S. Eastern Standard Time)
Wednesday, October 25, 2006
Ladies Practice 2:50 p.m. – 4:25 p.m.

Thursday, October 26, 2006
Ladies Practice 7:00 a.m. – 8:35 a.m.

Friday, October 27, 2006
Ladies Practice 12:45 p.m. – 2:10 p.m.
Ladies Short Program Competition 6:30 p.m.

Saturday, October 28, 2006
Ladies Practice 10:30 a.m. – 11:55 a.m.
Ladies Free Skating Competition 5:30 p.m.
Award Ceremonies Immediately following the conclusion of the Pair event

Sunday, October 29, 2006
Exhibition of Champions 2:00 p.m.

All schedule

Hartford Civic Center

TV Schedule
U.S. Figure Skating
Ladies Short 10/29 1pm-2pm ABC
Ladies Free 11/5 5pm-6pm ABC
TV Asahi (Japan)
BS Asahi
Ladies Short/Men Free 10/28 7pm-8:54pm TV Asahi, 9pm-10:55pm BS Asahi
Ladies Free 10/29 6:56pm-8:54pm TV Asahi, 10:00pm-0:00am BS Asahi

The most positive driving student of the year

Pirkanmaan Sanomat, a free weekly newspaper in the Tampere region has published a little story of Kiira in driving school. The instructor calls her as “the most positive student of the year”.
See article (DigiPaper)(select “Sivu 16 – Sivu 17” from the second dropdown menu)

Kiira Korpi is currently undergoing a driving school and she should get her drivers license in a couple of week. Kiira assures that she’s going to keep her positive attitude also on the road.

Pirkanmaan Sanomat is riding along on Kiira’s driving lesson and the extra person on the backseat will surely cause some extra pressure. But there’s nothing that would give it away. The driving instructor Markku “Topi” Koivistoinen is going to make Kiira to do a practise driving test.

– It was quite exciting at first. I started with an empty slate, I didn’t have for example a motorcycle license like some people do. At the beginning driving in the traffic was really terrifying, Kiira remembers.

– Training on the slippery track was fun. They let us try handbrake turns and you learn how the car behaves when there’s no grip.

And so we start. First we head to Hervanta and Kiira has to navigate there by herself. The route is familiar, Kiira has trained a lot in the Hervanta rink although Hakametsa is her homerink.

Next up is the nightmare of every new driver, namely the reversing exercises. The first one goes perfectly straight away, but the second one needs a another try. Kiira also manages her first pocket parking with style.

The trip continues through Hallila and Nekala and back to the centrum. There’s some little mistakes, but Topi Koivistoinen says that had it been a real driving test Kiira would have passed.

Kiira smiles. She’s going to keep her positive attitude also on the road. The correct attitude for traffic has been learned already from home.

– It’s really challenging when you have something totally new on your hands.

Busy and competitive spring

The Sampo sports-highschool third grader has action filled weekdays. There’s not much freetime. Kiira spends couple of hours on ice every day and on top of that comes all the additional and off ice training. Lately all the sponsor duties and publicity has been keeping her busy.

– Luckily the school can adapt and make compromises. I have decided to use four years to complete my highschool. [translators note: three years is the default]

The season is just about to begin. Last weekend Kiira skated in Hameenlinna and next weekend there’s an international Finlandia Trophy competition in Helsinki. After that the smiling figurehead of Finnish figure skating is going to GP-competition in United States and a month later to another GP-competition in Moscow.

The Finnish Championships are held in december. The main goals of the season are in the spring. The European Championships are held in Warsaw in january and the World Championships are in March in Tokyo.

But before that Kiira has to complete her driving school. Who will be the happiest when you get your drivers licence? Kiira laughs.

– Me, but I think my mother and father will also be happy when they no longer have to drive me everywhere.

[photo caption] The most positive Finn is going to keep her attitude also on the road. Markku Koivistoinen works as a driving instructor.

[photo caption] Although compulsary figures are no longer part of figure skating, they will always stay in the traffic. Kiira Korpi is just about to complete her driving school.
(English translation by Ville)

Pirkanmaan Sanomat

Stella Speio sponsored Kiira’s costumes in Finlandia Trophy

Some info on Kiira’s dresses on theStella Speio website.
Kiira Korpi will skate 7.-8. 10 in Finlandia Trophy in dresses manufactured and sponsored by Stella Speio. Kiira’s bright red flamenco style short program dress is impressive and also challenging creation.
The material used in the top part is wrinkled chiffon and DanceCrep is used in the skirt part. Circa 4500 rhinestones has been used for decoration, which all were glued on the dress one by one during a 12 hour working period. The crystal earrings are from the vast collection imported by Stella Speio.

In her free skate Kiira Korpi will wear a delicate green Peppermint-colored dress. Also this dress has been manufactured from a totally new kind on stretch-chiffon.

These dresses have been designed by Tuomas Merikoski from Paris togheter with Stella Speio. Stella Speio has implemented the neccessary changes to the desings of Tuomas in order to make the dresses more suitable to be used on ice.

Stella Speio will be present in Finlandia Trophy and you can meet Kiira in our stand. Go Kiira! Photos of Kiira’s new dresses will be added soon.
(English translation by Ville)

[en]Kiira Korpi won 2006 Finlandia Trophy!!![/en][fi]Kiira Korpi won 2006 Finlandia Trophy!!![/fi][ja]キーラ・コルピ優勝![/ja]

Yes! Kiira won!! Congratulations!!!

Results (pdf) are here.
Short Program Judges Scores
Short Program Segment Details
Free Skating Judges Scores
Free Skating Segment Details
Final Results

Kiira Korpi is 3rd place after SP in Finlandia Trophy/SP終えて3位

Photo by Ritti: Kiira at morning practice session.

Kiira is the 3rd place after short program in 2006 Finlandia Trophy.
Judges details (pdf)
Here is some photos and video (thanks, Ville)
Photos from morning practice session
Video clip from a sports news including comments from Susanna, Alisa and Kiira
And here’s a starting order for free skating.
Ladies, Free Skating
1 Margarita Tertichnaia RUS
2 Roxana Luca ROM
3 Niina Laksola FIN
4 Elena Muhhina EST
5 Erica Archambault USA

6 Kiira Korpi FIN

7 Julia Sebestyen HUN
8 Alisa Drei FIN
9 Elena Glebova EST
10 Susanna Poykio FIN