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Finlandia Trophy is coming!/フィンランディア・トロフィー迫る!

It's Kiira's first international competition in this season.
Go, Kiira! Go!
but take it easy!
Finlandia Trophy official site is here.

Photo: Hameen SanomatCompetitors 出場選手
Ladies(Short ProgramStarting Order)
1 Niina Laksola FIN
2 Elena Glebova EST
3 Julia Sebestyen HUN
4 Roxana Luca ROM
5 Susanna Poykio FIN

6 Margarita Tertichnaia RUS
7 Erica Archambault USA
8 Kiira Korpi FIN
9 Elena Muhhina EST
10 Alisa Drei FIN
Men and Officials
Past winners

Schedule 日程
Friday, October 6, 2006
Practice 14.00 -17.20
Judges Meeting 18.30 -19.00
Opening Draw 19.00 -19.30

Saturday, October 7, 2006
Practice 09.00 -12.00
Short Program Competition, Men 14.30 -15.50
Exhibition 16.05 -16.35
Short Program Competition, Ladies 17.00 -18.20

Sunday, October 8, 2006
Practice 08.00 -11.20
Free Skating Competition, Men 13.00 -14.30
Free Skating Competition, Ladies 14.54 -16.20
Award Ceremony 16.30

Articlesin Finnish (summaries by Ville. thanks)
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There were somekind of press conferense with the Finnish skaters yesterday, nothing much information except that all the Finnish ladies have new programs for this season and they all admit that the programs still need some tuning.

Susanna is still Finland's number one skater, Kiira and Alisa are challengers. Both Susanna and Alisa have moved back to their hometowns and Susanna is now coached by her older sister and Alisa's coach is her mother.
Kiira comments her programs like this: “The prgrams are not yet in top shape, but like them both very much. The short program is temperamentic and intense skating and the long program is more traditional and classic skating.”

Although it's not televised live, there will be 45 minute program about the competition on sunday and it will probably contain at least Kiira's long program.

Venue 会場  
Valtti Arena  c 2006 Tikkurilan Urheilupuisto & Jouni Virta
Valtti Arena

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