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[en]Euros 2007 Kiira Korpi’s FS[/en][fi]Euros 2007 Kiira Korpi’s FS[/fi][ja]欧州選手権2007 キーラ・コルピのFS[/ja]

Ladies’ free skating of the Euros just started.
You can watch online results of the free skating at

Realtime Results (Polish local time):

14:44   Alisa is 1st! Congrats Alisa!

15:08  Elena Sokolova (Russia) is 2nd! Alisa is still 1st now.

15:16  Valentina Marchei (Italy) is 1st! and Sussana is coming to skate!

15:24  Wow, Susanna is 1st! but yeah… not so good…

15:39  Julia Sebestyen (Hungary) is 5th!  Susanna is still 1st, Alisa 3rd. Carolina Kostner (Italy) is coming.

15:47  Carolina Kostner is 1st with total score as high as 174.79!!! and Yes, Kiira is coming!!

15:55 Wow, Kiira is 2nd with total score 151.19!! Great!!!
Kiira and Susanna will come to Worlds in Tokyo! Really Congrats!

15:57  Sarah Meier (Switzerland) is skating…

16:05  Sarah is 2nd!! Kiira is 3rd now. Elene Gedevanishvili (Georgia) is coming.

16:12  Wow, Elene is 8th!? The last skater, Alexandra Ievleva (Russia) is coming.

16:20  Alexandra is 11th!!!

Kiira finished the 3rd overall!!!

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