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Figure skating news from Finland

kiira_sauli.jpgToday the Finnish Figure Skating Association held a press conference along with the official “cake&coffee” reception for Kiira’s medal from the Euros. It was announced that Sauli Niinistö, a former director of the European Investment Bank and now the Speaker of the Parliament of Finland, has been appointed as the President of the 2009 European Championships organizing committee. Susanna Rahkamo, the president of the figure skating association, also stated that the goal for the competition is two medals in the ladies discipline, preferrably one golden. The venue for the 2009 event will be either Helsinki Areena or the older Helsinki Icehall. YLE also tells that there has been preliminary talks with the ISU of promoting the Finlandia Trophy competition to an ISU GP competition. In general, the appreciation for figure skating has been growing in Finland.

MTV3 also knows to tell that Kiira will fly to Japan already this weekend and spend the next week training there before the Japan Open. It’s not said wheter she’s training with her own coach or possibly with some other, maybe Japanese, coach. The article also says that she’ll be trying out the triple axel during the summer.

Update: After writing the above YLE updated it’s article with more information and video interviews of Kiira Korpi and Sauli Niinistö (try copy-pasteing the links to media player). The article says that Kiira will travel to Japan with her coach Maaret Siromaa and they will train in Osaka with Japanese skaters. Kiira says it will be interesting to see how the Japanese skaters are training. For the next season Kiira will have an all new short program and the free skate program is going to be altered but the music will be the same as this season.

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