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It’s off season…

Summer is arriving, also to Finland. Polar bears have migrated back to the north pole and soon it’s warm enough to step outside. This means that the skating season is over (or has been for some time) until the fall, and also this site will be updated more seldom. But when ever something interesting appears, we will surely report it. So if you find an article or interview related to Kiira and/or figure skating, please tell us about it.

Some little bits of new information
Finnish figure skating association had its annual spring meeting at the end of April and in the event traditional awards were given to succesfull skaters. Kiira was in Japan at the time, but she was awarded with Marie Lundmark Bowl for best result in international competition (3rd at Euros).

Some (very small) photos from last year

Source Cederroth / VO5 press release: