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Team Finland test skate and press meeting


During the weekend skaters of the Team Finland presented their programs at the Vierumäki Sports Institute for feedback from the judges and officials. Unfortunately Kiira’s summer has not gone quite according to plans as the quotes from the Iltalehti article tell:

The leaves are flying in the wind and the sky is overcast, which fits perfectly for the mood on Kiira and Susanna since both would like to just forgot the summer and the worries it brought. At Tartu camp Korpi noticed that the stomach aches are getting so bad the cause has to be solved. Diagnose from the doctor: inflammation of the esophagus (esophagitis).

– Stomach was burning and it became swollen. The inflammation had gotten quite bad but luckily the medicines and rest helped so that I can practice again. The problem is not over in a sense that without proper diet the stomach can get ill again.

On september she’s facing the matriculation exams again, so she can’t put all time in skating. Last spring she took the test in Finnish language, this time up are (advanced level) mathematics, German and Swedish.

Korpi is practising new short program but the free skate program is the old one with some changes. The season opener will the the Finlandia Trophy at the beginning of october and other competitions in the fall include Skate America, Cup of Russia and the Finnish nationals.

– I’m not setting any goals for the fall, my eyes are fully on the championship competitions in spring. This is not the optimal state to begin the season from, but I should be in full condition by the spring, Korpi smiles.

Susanna Pöykiö also has new programs, but her summer training has not gone perfectly either. The boot has begun to press the foot creating a painfull swelling. She hopes modifying the boot will solve the problem.

The music for Kiira’s new short program is Tango, and a sneak peek to the costume can be found in this photo gallery from Vierumäki by Ritti:

Update: Preview of the new short program in Youtube and Aamulehti.

Kiira goes bling bling

Stella Speio, the provider of Kiira’s competition costumes, is a part of (extreme) styling and makeover service Bling Team. See some photos of Bling-Kiira in the gallery here: