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CoR 2007 Free Skating

Wow, Ladies free skating of Cup of Russia 2007 was already started.

15:39 – 7 skaters already finished their free skating.

15:47 – Joannie ROCHETTE jumped into 1st!
1. Joannie ROCHETTE (CAN), 2. Nina PETUSHKOVA (RUS), 3. Julia SEBESTYEN (HUN), 4. Beatrisa LIANG (USA), 5. Yan LIU (CHN), 6. Katarina GERBOLDT (RUS), 7. Kristin WIECZOREK (GER), 8. Arina MARTINOVA (RUS)

15:56 – Fumie SUGURI was 3rd…

Go! kiira!!

16:03 – Kiira finished her free skating.
The result was… 96.04 points! 2nd now.
Not bad!

16:12 – Yukari NAKANO got 1st! Korpi 3rd… wow

16:20 – Yu-Na KIM finished.
Her skating was… really nice.
She got… 1st place with total as high as 197.20 points.

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