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Euros 2008 debriefing

On saturday Kiira wasn’t able to bring her performance on the same level as on friday, and dropped from second to fifth place missing the medal by only 3.43 points. Obviously she was disappointed on herself. Kiira’s thoughts after the free skate from Aamulehti:

Kiira Korpi could just swallow her disappointment and rejoice about her teammates great debute on the Euros. Korpi had all the chances for a second medal, but skater who otherwise was in top condition couldn’t keep her program in order.

– It started out well, but then…

Korpi popped the flip that flew away like a balloon. Program that had started with a good 3lutz-2toe-2toe and 3loop broke for a moment.

– I’m really disappointed. I don’t know what happened. It just happened.

In the final results Korpi was fifth with 162.22 points. She missed the medal by only 3.43 points, which is about one succesfull jump.

– Well. I can’t call it a flop: fifth place in Euros. I’m satisfied that I have also developed in interpretation, Korpi thinks.

– Performing is no more just about keeping up a smile.

The first international competition of their career for both Korpi and Lepistö was right here in Zagreb when they were 11 years old. From that trip Korpi learned that drinking too much soft drinks on a competition day is not a good idea, it makes your feet stiff.

– This time I drank just water. But we had fun then, Korpi bursted into laugher remembering the past in middle of all the disappointment.

Aamulehti / Elina Paasonen

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But the season is not over yet! Main event of the season is 2008 World Championships which are held in Göteborg Sweden, and Kiira Korpi and Laura Lepistö are the Finnish ladies competing there. There are also the Nordic Championships (aka Nordics) in two weeks in Iceland, but neither Kiira or Laura are listed as participants. Either the competition overlaps with the matriculation exams which both have still one to take, or they are just preparing for the Worlds.

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