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Kiira Korpi back on ice, this time trying not to spin

Photo Aamulehti / Jukka Töyli

Kiira took part on a slippery surface driving course on Sunday. Aamulehti was there reporting:

Kiira Korpi left spins to competitions

Figure skater and a slippery surface are usually a good combination, but Kiira Korpi decided to make an exception on Sunday. Winter storm had brought an awful driving weather to Pirkanmaa on the night before Sunday.

Instead of skates this time the tool was a car. Sponsor had invited Korpi to practice car handling on training track in Nokia.

– It has been interesting, useful and also fun, told Korpi after the first driving lesson.

Korpi, who has had her driver’s license for almost two years now, admitted that even a days course gave a lot of tips on car handling.

– You have to dare to push the brake with force, and calm but determined steering movements work best on slippery surfaces, recalled Korpi what she had learned during the day.

Watch a short video of Kiira sliding but not spinning (Youtube)

Looking forward to the Worlds and next year

Here’s some quotes and video interviews (in Finnish) from the media after the Team Finland returned home from the Euros.


Photo Iltalehti / Kari Kuukka

Eyes on the Worlds

[photo caption] Both Kiira Korpi and Laura Lepistö are graduating from upper secondary school (“high school”) this spring. Both are also aiming for further academic studies.

– I’m really happy to get there, World Championships are the highlight of the season. Now we are tuning the free skate program and making some changes to it, Korpi plans.

The toughest competitors are coming from Japan, USA and South-Korea.

– Goal is to make the best possible performances. Short program has been working well this season, but free skate need improving, Korpi continues.

Lepistö is a first timer on senior Worlds.

– Goal is solely on making good performances. Before that it’s just basic training, skating through programs and getting more confidence.

Iltalehti video interview with Kiira

MTV3 news:

Changes to free skate program

Figure skater Kiira Korpi’s free skate program will undergo some changes before March and the World Championships in Göteborg, she wants to raise the difficulty level of the program.

– Free skate program will probably be altered for the Worlds. At Euros in the practises I did the triple-triple combination and it went so well that we are trying get it in the program for the Worlds.

– Short program has gone so well this season so there won’t be any specific changes to that one, Korpi continues.

World Championships are the main goal for Korpi this season. She aims for a best possible result, but admits that there’s no way reaching the podium, atleast not yet.

MTV3 video interview with Kiira

YLE sports news:

Two medals next year?

Chairman of the Finnish Figure Skating Association, Susanna Rahkamo, told media about the goals set for 2008 European Championships in Helsinki Finland.

According to Rahkamo the goal includes two medals.

– We are aiming for two medals on home ice, and the other one would be golden.

Other goal for the association is to top the spectator count from the 1999 World Championships, which was 60 000 spectators. The Association also wants that the event is visible on the city’s street image.

YLE video interview with Kiira

Aamulehti’s video interview with Kiira: