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Euros 2008 more pics of Kiira Korpi

Here are more pics of Kiira Korpi at the Euros 2008 from J. Barry Mittan exclusively for

Short Program
A20801319.jpg A20801320s.jpg A20801321s.jpg A20801322s2.jpg A20801323s.jpg A20801325s.jpg A20801326s.jpg A20801327s.jpg A20801328s.jpg A20801330s.jpg A20801331s.jpg A20801333s.jpg

Free Skating
A20801841s.jpg A20801842s2.jpg A20801843s.jpg A20801844s.jpg A20801846s.jpg  A20801848s.jpg A20801849s.jpg

Team Finland at the Closing Banquet (with Jenni and Laura)

Gala Exhibition
A20801921s.jpg A20801922s.jpg A20801923s.jpg A20801924s.jpg A20801925s.jpg A20801926s.jpg A20801927s.jpg A20801928s.jpg
(C) J. Barry Mittan. All photos were resized to one-third of the original size.

Thanks Barry for nice pics!