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Worlds 2008 Free skate meltdown…

The Maundy Thursday, which ironically is called “Kiirastorstai” (“Kiiras-thursday”) in Finnish, definitely was not Kiira’s day. After the stellar short program everything unravelled on yesterday night and unfortunately the outcome was probably the technically weakest performance Kiira has ever done. And after that she dropped from fourth to ninth place in the results. Kudos to Laura Lepistö for stepping up in the ranks, now the two spots for next year were easily secured (8+9 <= 26).

Final results are available here:

Some thoughts from Kiira after the free skate from Aamulehti:

New pink dress and roaring support from the audience couldn’t help Kiira Korpi into flying on the ice of Göteborg, she literally collapsed on her free skate.

Korpi’s performance was plagued by missed triplejumps and an unexpected fall in the spiral sequence.

– Maybe it was mentaly too tough spot for me, Korpi admits.

Korpi scored 145,73 points and was ninth in the final standings. After short program she was in fourth place.

– If everything can go wrong, then thats what happened tonight. It was all laid out for me and I was in good physical condition. Maybe I can learn something from this for the future, but now even my best ever placing in World Champs doesn’t make it feel any better. I’m really disappointed.

Source: Aamulehti / Elina Paasonen

YLE sports news article with video-interviews:

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