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Update: Video from YLE Sports News

Kiira gets her student cap. Yeah, the tabloid-papers seem to be all over her…


But anyway, congratulations to Kiira and everyone else who graduates. Enjoy the summer while it lasts, the real studies haven’t even begun yet…

Just a bunch of updates…

I’ts been quiet lately, so here’s a bunch of updates regarding graduation and plans for summer.

Excerpts from Iltalehti’s graduation extra:

Kiira Korpi is aiming for School of Economics

Figure skater Kiira Korpi has a busy summer ahead. First goal for the summer is the entrance exam to the School of Economics in University of Tampere. Burden of the future is eased by a renewed sponsor deal with Valio and matriculation exams that went well.

Kiira, who spent four years in Sampo upper seconday school took the exams in three occasions.
– This spring I took only the exam in English language. Last fall I did math, German and Swedish and on spring before that the Finnish language. The exams went well, with an overall grade of E (second highest grade, read more), Kiira rejoices.
– I was suprised of getting an E from advanced level mathematics. Swedish language was only two points short of L (highest grade), so that was a small disappointment.
For others Kiira recommends the four year study schedule instead of the standard three year if you want to do sports or other demanding things by the side.

Dream job for the future could be something that combines sports and business, Kiira isn’t interested in doing just coaching.
– I’ve always liked school and the so called intellectual side of it. Job could involve developing something. Whether it would be a own business or something else, I don’t know yet.
– I’m not able to study for the exams like some of my friends, who go to the library in the morning and read there the whole day. I study between the training sessions and during the evenings and weekends.
In addition to self-studying she’s attending prep-courses and making use of special web-service.
– It’s not a disaster if I don’t get in on first try, but it would be nice so I wouldn’t have to go trought this phase so many times.

Source: Iltalehti

Excerpts from Ilta-sanomat graduation extra. Pretty much the same content as in Iltalehti’s story, so less text here.

I’ll be missing school

Next saturday Kiira Korpi can put on her student cap and feel deserved pride.
– This means a lot for me, it’s nice to have accomplisments also from somewhere else than sports.

The graduation is celebrated at Korpi’s home through the whole weekend. On saturday friends, skating people and supporters are chiming champagne glasses, and on sunday it’s the relatives turn.
– Luckily Elina Kivioja, who also makes my skating dresses, is making me a dress for the graduation seremony. I just need time to go and get some shoes!

Source: Ilta-sanomat

Update: Video from the interview on Ilta-sanomat web-site

MTV3 sports news had an interview with Kiira, watch the video (short ad in the beginning).

Kiira Korpi seeking for more groove

Figure skater Kiira Korpi has a summer full of work ahead. Plans include a new free skate program and developing more solid jumping technique.

The new free skate program will be something different from the usual.
– Style is jazz-like, music groovy and more up-beat, Korpi says.

In addition to training at home, summer contains camps in Estonia and possibly also in Sweden. Main goal for the next season are the European Championships in Helsinki.

Source: MTV sports news

Kiira Korpi and Laura Lepistö, who btw. is also graduating, appear on the cover of the latest issue of Me Naiset women’s magazine. Trying to get more info on that later.