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GP Series and New Programs

Grand Prix of Figure Skating series

The assignments for season 2008/09 GP-series have been dealt. All four Finnish ladies recieved the full two assignments, Kiira getting the Canadian and French GP’s. Complete list of assignments for ladies discipline is available here (pdf).

HomeSense Skate Canada International, Oct. 31 – Nov. 2 (Ottawa, Canada)

Trophée Eric Bompard Cachemire, Nov. 13 – 16 (Paris, France)

New free skate program for the coming season

Aamulehti chatted with Kiira about her choices for music.

Every spring skaters and their coaches and choreographers go through all the music in the world and make selections for the new programs.

Too often a worn out classic gets selected.

Kiira Korpi doesn’t want to do again something that has been done hundreds of times already. On next season the music of Kerkko Koskinen will have its world premiere on the icy arenas.

Carmens and Nessundormas can rest at ease, on season 2009 Korpi is skating to Koskinen’s “Agatha”.

– I like it very much. It has flow but it’s also edgy. The slow part is playfull and there’s even some oriental rhythms, Korpi characterizes the composition which has been edited for her into four minute form.

In the video Kiira tells that she found the album while browsing the music selection on the plane while flying back home from Japan.

Homepage of Kerkko Koskinen:
Some samples from the album:

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