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Kiira got through to the University

Kiira was accepted to the Tampere University to study corporate management. She must have done superbly in the examination, since only 20 out of 759 applicants were accepted! VERY well done!

Short Finnish news article about this:


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Thanks Mixi for the news. I’m adding some comment’s here because the blacklist system seems to be deleting all the comments and can’t figure out how to fix it right now.

So yes, wery well done! But just to clarify, 20 is the amount of new students accepted to the Management and Organization major subject in the faculty of Economics and Administration. A total of 273 new students were accepted to the faculty from 4177 who applied. 1335 of those had the Faculty of Economics and Administration as their primary choice. A total of 759 applied to the Management and Organization major subject and for 161 of those it was their primary choice.

List of the ones accepted:

Selection statistics:

The entrance exam (in Finnish):

Kauppalehti, the leading business daily in Finland, welcomes Kiira to the world of economics: