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Kiira’s message on her official site

Hi, OfficialWebsite200810.jpg
I just found Kiira’s new message on her official website
both in English and Finnish and also a new cover photo!

We all hope you get better soon, Kiira!!!

Kiira will withdraw from Finlandia Trophy?

Bad news.

As you know from comments by gianluca and Nikolas (thanks you two),
Kiira will withdraw from Finlandia Trophy.
Original news source is here from Aamulehti:
Kiira Korpi ei pysty luistelemaan Finlandia Trophyssa
#Yes, all you shoud subscribe their RSS feed to know such kind of news fast. Me? why not!

I asked Elina, the writer of the article, about it and she kindly wrote me the following (summary):
Kiira’s situations is quite bad, unfortunately.
Her legs doesn’t recovered from hard training and yesterday she got fever.

She had an excellent summer training during June, July and August.
After that almost everything has gone wrong.
She didn’t skate at all for 4 weeks.
She returned on ice last week, but she can’t do any hard training or triple jumps.

I’ve spoken with her coach Maaret several times and she is so worried about Kiira’s health.

Kiira is positive like she always is, but time is runnig out.
I really hope that she will get better.

Thanks, Elina.

Oh, why? Why do you lose your health every summer, Kiira…?
Hope you will get good health real soon and shine on ice.
I’ll bet on the possibility that Kiira will participate to Finlandia Trophy
even if it will be only 1%.

Kiira told me about feelings to her fans at a interview such like:

It sometimes helps me to know there are many fans of me.

Now the time, I guess.
Leave your comments for Kiira here or write her a letter, all the fans!

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