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Kiira’s 2008-09 season starts!

Well, I also tried to translate Kiira’s message on her official site with Sunto translator demo and Google translation. Thanks 749Rintherain and kovachik.
Some phrases are funny but can find something.

She will withdraw from Trophee Bompard (ISU GP in Paris, France) too. This PDF file tells it officially.

And NRW Trophy in Dortmund will be Kiira’s first competition in 2008-09 season.
Yeah, Kiira’s new season starts at long last. At the moment her competition schedule will be like this:

NRW Trophy (Dec 5th – 7th, Dortmund/Germany)

Finnish Nationals (December 19th – 21st, Helsinki/Finland)

(to be continued… I hope)

Yes, Go Kiira Go!!

And here is machine translated her message: To understand correctly, kovachik’s version will help you.


Wonderful to be on ice!

November already has begun and winter makes its arrival at a fast speed. It seems that the Christmas also will be after already less than two months from a funny one! Once I have again taken a few steps after last writing in a better direction with my condition. Now I have been on ice already less than two weeks and the skating seems better all the time. I have enjoyed enormously that I may practise healthy and may be on ice. Everything has learned to appreciate during the last couple of months really.

The long break away from ice weakened my skating condition so much that I will not be ready for the GP competition of Paris yet next week. However, I will go probably before the Finnish National competitions to the competitions somewhere. One possible good competition would be time the independence day in Dortmund. However, my main object is the Finnish National competitions and the redeeming of the place at the moment to the value competitions in spring.

I do not have the patience again to wait for the entrance to the competitions and that I also may finally put on the new competition dresses which at the same time have been done here with Ompelija-Elina. Lyhka”rin the stripe dress resembles a a little last year one and vappiksen the dress is dark and simple but at the same time true, sparkling. My dress it is been to the cooperation, in my opinion, a natural note that has been found the one designing with Tuomas.

Next week I try a little more to train again and stretch alp competitions from the telly, Levin. To Tsemppia” Tanja and Sanni to home slope! (It was been otherwise in the same upper secondary school with Sanni.)

Joukkue.jpgThis weekend I got a Valio descriptions, which take photos for future advertisements. They can see the outputs ago here in the pages of my sometimes. Oh, and tomorrow is Father’s Day! Happy Father’s Day to all competent!

Beautiful winter days!


Photo from STLL

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