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Finnish nationals 2008/09 is coming!

8266857-big.jpgFinnish nationals 2008/09 (a.k.a. SM 2009) is coming soon!
It will be held this weekend, 19-21 December at Helsingin Jäähalli (Helsinki Ice Hall).

Here is a summary of time schedule (senior Ladies only).

Friday 19.12.2008
  19:30 Draw (Finnish Sports Museum, Olympic Stadium)

Saturday 20.12.2008
  07:30 – 08:45 SM-seniors, Ladies, short program
  15:55 – 16:59 SM-seniors, Ladies, short program

Sunday 21.12.2008
  08:35 – 09:35 SM-seniors, Ladies, free skating
  17:00 – 18:17 SM-seniors, Ladies, free skating
  Award Ceremony approx. 18:30

Participants (Senior Ladies)37778947_235.jpg
Laura Lepistö EsJT
Jenni Vähämaa EsJT
Minna Parviainen ETK
Helena Stenbacka ETK
Heidi Toivanen KuLS
Henriikka Hietaniemi MTK
Susanna Pöykiö OLK
Kiira Korpi Tappara

Kiira, here comes your turn!
Just relax and do your best!

Will be updated day by day…