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Finnish Nationals 2008/09 Short Program

Ladies Short program will start soon. Yes, I’ll do that as always – real time results.

15:40 – maybe a Zamboni running on the ice to resurface.
15:55 – it’s almost time to be started… ready? here we go, Kiira!!

I found that they wont update the results page live … Oh, come on. why… ?
I just found the results on Iltasanomat news pages:
17:19 –


Laura Lepistö 55.36
Susanna Pöykiö 54.53
Kiira Korpi 53.34

Welcome back, Kiira!
and strong Laura and Susanna…

Yes, I’m watching sports news pages such like:

Any more information sites?

# Thanks Finner, for the results by email.

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