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ISU European Figure Skating Championships 2009

EC 2009 logoThe Euros begin next week in Helsinki Finland, where the event is held in Hartwall-arena. Here are links to some important websites:

Official homepage of the event:

YLE Sports News special event-site:

ISU schedules and live results:

Kiira’s video profile from YLE’s competition site:

Kiira’s thoughts before the European Championships 2009

Kiira shared her thoughts about the coming competition couple a weeks ago in a media event. Yle sports news article and video (wmv).

Photo: Yle

Korpi to Euros with no medals in mind

Figure skater Kiira Korpi has not set the podium as a goal for herself. Korpi was ill the whole fall but won the national title with a record score. The official goal of the Finnish Figure Skating Association for the Euros is two medals.

– It’s difficult to set any podium goals after such a short training period. If performances are clean and we can add more difficulty, who knows how far it can take, says Korpi smiling.

Programs that worked well in the nationals will be tuned. After more training and increased confidence the difficulty of the programs can also be increased.

– There’s still time before the competition, but right now I’m feeling confident because the basics are high level. If only we can add more difficulty to the programs, presents Korpi her new years wish.

– Goal is to add the more difficult jump combinations to both short and freeskate programs. But in this time frame there won’t be any radical changes.

Korpi has a clear view on who are the toughest competitors on the ice of Hartwall arena.

– In addition to us Finns Carolina Kostner from Italy and Sarah Meier from Switzerland are the strongest ones.

After this interview Sarah Meier announced that she is withdrawing from the Euros because of back problems.