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Euros 2009 Ready for the competition

Kiira and other Finnish ladies arrived to Helsinki on wednesday and held the last press conference before the competition. Here’s some material:

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Finnish ladies ready to skate in front of the home audience

The Finnish trio is waiting for the short program that starts the ladies competition on friday.

Kiira Korpi tells that she has moved forward in her training after the nationals.

– I still don’t have much training behind me because I didn’t get back on ice until December, but it looks good. I’ve been healthy and I’m eagerly waiting for the competition.

Korpi refuses to take any pressures about medals because it’s only her second competition of the season and she’s not in as good condition as she could be.

– On other hand in the nationals I showed quality and good nerves can take you long way.

There’s a good spirit in the team and the trio aims for the best possible results a whole. Naturally everybody has their own goals and they concentrate on their own performances.

– It’s great that Finland got to arrange this event and we are happy and proud that we can skate in front of a big audience, Korpi smiles.

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Korpi increased the difficulty of her programs

Kiira Korpi beat the long illness in December, attended to the nationals and took her first title. It was the first competition of the season for her.

The European Championships in Helsinki are Kiira’s second competition of the season. Opponents are more than challenging for the former bronze medalist.

– At the beginning of december I was thinking that the season is over. Tuesday morning at the Tampere railway station I was like, here I am, going to the Euros, good mooded Korpi told in Helsinki.

Korpi knows that the difficulty level at the nationals is not enough for podium at the Euros. The title dropped on her lap after her fellow competitors Laura Lepistö and Susanna Pöykiö had subpar performances.

– My programs have been increased in difficulty, but there won’t be any triple-triples. Much of the effort has been put into transitions and the step sequence, Korpi tells.

After the nationals she has been able to practice almost normally.

– Training load has been increased constantly, but there hasn’t been as much additional excersises as there could have been, Korpi admits.

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Kiira Korpi doesn’t take risks. Korpi who didn’t get back into normal training until in December admits that she has taken steps for better. Programs are increased in difficulty, but Korpi has put the pressure for a medal aside and is concentrating on solid performances.

Finnish ice-princesses ready to fight. Ladies free-skate will be followed by an sold out arena with 10000 spectators. The tough Finnish trio is ready to fight in the short program on friday.

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