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Euros 2009 Short Program Starting Order

    Group 7  
31 Alena LEONOVA
33 Laura LEPISTÖ
34 Elena GLEBOVA
    Group 8  
37 Kiira KORPI
38 Stefania BERTON
40 Susanna PÖYKIÖ
41 Carolina KOSTNER

Kiira is the 2nd skater of the last (8th) group.
According to the detailed schedule (pdf file), Kiira will skate 16:59 – 17:05 in local time (GMT +2:00).

Good Luck, Kiira!

Will be updated.

ISU European Figure Skating Championships 2009

EC 2009 logoThe Euros begin next week in Helsinki Finland, where the event is held in Hartwall-arena. Here are links to some important websites:

Official homepage of the event:

YLE Sports News special event-site:

ISU schedules and live results:

Kiira’s video profile from YLE’s competition site:

Kiira’s thoughts before the European Championships 2009

Kiira shared her thoughts about the coming competition couple a weeks ago in a media event. Yle sports news article and video (wmv).

Photo: Yle

Korpi to Euros with no medals in mind

Figure skater Kiira Korpi has not set the podium as a goal for herself. Korpi was ill the whole fall but won the national title with a record score. The official goal of the Finnish Figure Skating Association for the Euros is two medals.

– It’s difficult to set any podium goals after such a short training period. If performances are clean and we can add more difficulty, who knows how far it can take, says Korpi smiling.

Programs that worked well in the nationals will be tuned. After more training and increased confidence the difficulty of the programs can also be increased.

– There’s still time before the competition, but right now I’m feeling confident because the basics are high level. If only we can add more difficulty to the programs, presents Korpi her new years wish.

– Goal is to add the more difficult jump combinations to both short and freeskate programs. But in this time frame there won’t be any radical changes.

Korpi has a clear view on who are the toughest competitors on the ice of Hartwall arena.

– In addition to us Finns Carolina Kostner from Italy and Sarah Meier from Switzerland are the strongest ones.

After this interview Sarah Meier announced that she is withdrawing from the Euros because of back problems.

New cover photos


As the European championships are getting closer, the press activates here in Finland… here are a couple of cover issues released on january 8th and 16th. Hope you like them! There is also one recent tabloid-sized newspaper with her on the cover, but it is quite difficult to scan… 🙁

tanna_20090116a.jpg tanna_20090116b.jpg tapu_20090108a.jpg


Kiira Korpi on Finnish Sports Gala

Yesterday an annual event called Finnish Sports Gala took place. Kiira wasn’t nominated on any of the categories, but she was a guest there and was presenting one award along with film maker Renny Harlin:

Another video from the after party, Kiira Korpi and Laura Lepistö being interviewed:

Thanks to Taskinen on Youtube for the videos.

Fashion critic’s view on Kiira’s new dresses

Sami Sykkö, a style and fashion columnist for Helsingin Sanomat news paper,
gave some views on Kiira’s new competition outfits:

Kiira Korpi’s double win

Photo: Helsingin Sanomat

During the weekend friends of figure skating had only on address, the Helsinki ice stadium. The competition was exciting for two reasons: it decided which three ladies will represent Finland in the Euros and it also revealed Kiira’s new competition outfits.

Competition showed that Kiira is getting back on to her feet after a long period of being ill, nobody expected her to jump to the front of the pack and winning the title. Audience also got se see Kiira’s new free skate program. It was intensive and exciting, althought the choreography had too much of that old fashioned and void hand waving. Korpi is the freshest skater in the arenas so she should have fresh choreographies.

But those dresses took my breath away. Skaters often perform in the weirdest short skirts with decorations that don’t make any sense. Korpi on the other hand has for a couple of years now brought new kind of style on ice, glimpses from world of high fashion.

In short program Korpi wore a gray-white-red striped dress that had a new modern touch I have been looking for years. There were too many sequins on the dress, maybe they don’t believe in Tampere that sometimes simplicity works better that shine and glittering. If someone had asked me, I would have taken off all the decorations and only left some glittering on the top part. Still, of all the outfits I have seen this season, this one was on the league of it’s own.

In free skate Korpi came to ice wearing a dress that has to be one of the most succesfull in figureskating history. The black dress was festive but youthfull, simple but exquisite. And the decorations were perfect. The bold cuts below the arms were spot on. If skating was a dress competition, Korpi would be the world champion.

Korpi’s dresses are designed by Tuomas Merikoski who is a designer for Givenchy in Paris. This shows that one man can, at least a bit, change the skating world.

Original article in Finnish: