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More about voyage to Russia

Well, guys, here is something new about Kiira`s voyage to Moscow:

Could you please tell me does it contain any interesting information? (looks like there is something about Marie Claire)

Worlds 2009 is coming


Yes, it’s just coming without Kiira (but no doubt that Kiira is watching it).

Official site


Let’s cheer Team Finland!

Laura and Susanna, get 3 seats for Finnish ladies!!!

Kiira in Andrei Malakhov`s blog

So here it is, post in Malakhov`s blog:

Heels for Ice Princess

Kiira Korpi is known as one of the most beautyfull figure-scater in the world, sex symbol of the world`s ice rink. But in everyday life this tiny blonde, who looks like young Grace Kelly, acts modestly. And when fashion-assistents lay in front of her fashion-branded dresses for photosession, she admiringly but with caution takes her look at Dior shoes.

-It is the first time I wear high-heeled shoes! Andrei, if people in Tampere saw me wearing this shoes, they would call ambulance!

-That`s right! -I`m laughing. -It`s necessary to take care of the major adornment of finnish team on the next World Champs (22 December in Los-Angeles). [idiot, he doesn`t know, that she is not going to participate in world hamps. “rattling off the salt on the wound” – as russians say]

-In fact, there no places to wear such a beauty.Maybe only to the Mummydolls museum or to the University. But I won`t be able to right in time for the lectures in these shoes.

Her every day is planned to the minutes. She wakes up at 6 am, then she has a training on the rink, then she goes to study (Kiira studies Economics), then she has gymnastics and choreography, then she goes to the ice again. What is more, this 20-year old “athlete, beauty, komsomolka”* is the face of Valio. When on her second day in Moscow we were having a breakfast in “Ararat Park Hyatt”, she saw Valio joghurts and this extraordinary girl sterted telling me about it`s influence to the body, stating latest scientists researches as examples.
*quote from old russian film

-Well, as it says in one our song, planes are the first for you**. But what about relationships with guys? – i ask her with deep-kept hope
**planes firstly, girls – secondly – that`s how it goes in that russian song

-I had a beautyfull lovestory. But now my heart is free. :idea::idea::idea::idea:
(in finnish media her ex-boyfriend is believed to be silver medalists of Freestyle World Champs)

-Russian figure-scaters will be happy about this fact!

-I know Yagudin, Plyuschenko and Urmanov well. They are real ice kings.

-I read that your father was dreaming about different sport-career for you.

-My father, Rauno Korpi – is famous finnish ice-hockey player. Now he is the coach of our Lady`s National Team. But my older sister Petra and my friends were scating, that`s why I choosed figure scates to hockey, despite my great hockey future, which they predicted.

Showing her the billboards in front of the hotel windows:
-Do you like Tatyana Navka`s photosession?

She is gazing at the picture of famous scater:
-Oh! It`s even hard to identify her here!

Then our conversation is interrupted by the telephone call.
-Excuse me! – she is looking as admiringly as yesterday she looked at Dior shoes. -My friends wrote to me that according APA Andrei Malakhov and singer Alsu will present Eurovision semifinals. Such a popular man is interviewing me?! Wow!

-Could you please let me have a call to find details? -I`m asking the Ice Princess. -This news is surprise for me!

-Sure! -she laughts. -You have planes as the first too!

Something like that, guys. I`m not the best translater, but I think this can help you to uderstand what Malakhov wrote. Here are also 2 photos (one is new and the second I can`t remember seeing):

Kiira and Andrei

it`s new to me


Kiira appeared on Russian TV

Yesterday Kiira was participating in the talkshow called “Let`em talk”. It is one of the worst shows on whole russian tv, as it is usually telling us stories about private life of russians (some stories are wrote by the authors of this show, i think). There are usuaaly “star-guests” there, who are discussing with heroes and Andrei Malakhov (the leading of this show and the worst “journalist” russian mass-media has ever seen).
But, as you know, lots of people like this shows, so it is rather popular by russians. Hovewer, I can`t figure out, how they could persuade Kiira to appear there?! [by the way, was she in Moscow only because of this show?!] O_o I think she didn`t know what this show really is. So, you can see this video (the short cut where Kiira appears):

The issue of this show was something like “transgender people”. The main story was about a girl who don`t like her body and she wan`t to change her gender. Is it neccessairy to discuss such things on tv? Look at Kiira`s face! I think she was shocked. I`m afraid that she can even think that all russian`s are like heroes of this nasty show(

But Malakhov isn`t satysfied by one show – he is also writing a blog, where he wrote a post about Kiira. there is a kind of short interview:

Tomorrow I will translate it fir you, my friends, so wait for update.