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Kiira appeared on Russian TV

Yesterday Kiira was participating in the talkshow called “Let`em talk”. It is one of the worst shows on whole russian tv, as it is usually telling us stories about private life of russians (some stories are wrote by the authors of this show, i think). There are usuaaly “star-guests” there, who are discussing with heroes and Andrei Malakhov (the leading of this show and the worst “journalist” russian mass-media has ever seen).
But, as you know, lots of people like this shows, so it is rather popular by russians. Hovewer, I can`t figure out, how they could persuade Kiira to appear there?! [by the way, was she in Moscow only because of this show?!] O_o I think she didn`t know what this show really is. So, you can see this video (the short cut where Kiira appears):

The issue of this show was something like “transgender people”. The main story was about a girl who don`t like her body and she wan`t to change her gender. Is it neccessairy to discuss such things on tv? Look at Kiira`s face! I think she was shocked. I`m afraid that she can even think that all russian`s are like heroes of this nasty show(

But Malakhov isn`t satysfied by one show – he is also writing a blog, where he wrote a post about Kiira. there is a kind of short interview:

Tomorrow I will translate it fir you, my friends, so wait for update.

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