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Kiira in Andrei Malakhov`s blog

So here it is, post in Malakhov`s blog:

Heels for Ice Princess

Kiira Korpi is known as one of the most beautyfull figure-scater in the world, sex symbol of the world`s ice rink. But in everyday life this tiny blonde, who looks like young Grace Kelly, acts modestly. And when fashion-assistents lay in front of her fashion-branded dresses for photosession, she admiringly but with caution takes her look at Dior shoes.

-It is the first time I wear high-heeled shoes! Andrei, if people in Tampere saw me wearing this shoes, they would call ambulance!

-That`s right! -I`m laughing. -It`s necessary to take care of the major adornment of finnish team on the next World Champs (22 December in Los-Angeles). [idiot, he doesn`t know, that she is not going to participate in world hamps. “rattling off the salt on the wound” – as russians say]

-In fact, there no places to wear such a beauty.Maybe only to the Mummydolls museum or to the University. But I won`t be able to right in time for the lectures in these shoes.

Her every day is planned to the minutes. She wakes up at 6 am, then she has a training on the rink, then she goes to study (Kiira studies Economics), then she has gymnastics and choreography, then she goes to the ice again. What is more, this 20-year old “athlete, beauty, komsomolka”* is the face of Valio. When on her second day in Moscow we were having a breakfast in “Ararat Park Hyatt”, she saw Valio joghurts and this extraordinary girl sterted telling me about it`s influence to the body, stating latest scientists researches as examples.
*quote from old russian film

-Well, as it says in one our song, planes are the first for you**. But what about relationships with guys? – i ask her with deep-kept hope
**planes firstly, girls – secondly – that`s how it goes in that russian song

-I had a beautyfull lovestory. But now my heart is free. :idea::idea::idea::idea:
(in finnish media her ex-boyfriend is believed to be silver medalists of Freestyle World Champs)

-Russian figure-scaters will be happy about this fact!

-I know Yagudin, Plyuschenko and Urmanov well. They are real ice kings.

-I read that your father was dreaming about different sport-career for you.

-My father, Rauno Korpi – is famous finnish ice-hockey player. Now he is the coach of our Lady`s National Team. But my older sister Petra and my friends were scating, that`s why I choosed figure scates to hockey, despite my great hockey future, which they predicted.

Showing her the billboards in front of the hotel windows:
-Do you like Tatyana Navka`s photosession?

She is gazing at the picture of famous scater:
-Oh! It`s even hard to identify her here!

Then our conversation is interrupted by the telephone call.
-Excuse me! – she is looking as admiringly as yesterday she looked at Dior shoes. -My friends wrote to me that according APA Andrei Malakhov and singer Alsu will present Eurovision semifinals. Such a popular man is interviewing me?! Wow!

-Could you please let me have a call to find details? -I`m asking the Ice Princess. -This news is surprise for me!

-Sure! -she laughts. -You have planes as the first too!

Something like that, guys. I`m not the best translater, but I think this can help you to uderstand what Malakhov wrote. Here are also 2 photos (one is new and the second I can`t remember seeing):

Kiira and Andrei

it`s new to me


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