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Figure Skating Show on April 5th 2009


Kiira took part in a figure skating show in a town Rauma, here in Finland, last Sunday. There were two identical shows on 1PM and 5PM, lasting 2 hours each. Kiira performed the Abba-medley and the “Butterfly” as in the gala of this year’s European Championships, only this time she was accompanied for a while by little skater “butterflies” from the local, organising figure skating club from Rauma. I am currently uploading the videos on YouTube.  Just click on the link at the end and you’ll find them. I am still not much of a videographer, but what can you do… 🙂 There will be both Kiira’s solo skates + a portion of her and Laura with kids doing the “I like to move it move it!” 🙂 … and then both Laura’s solo skates and one of Susanna’s (maybe I will upload her other one, too, but with that one I did really bad video work, losing her twice from camere etc…)

Also performing in this show were and dozens and dozens of local junior skaters – the youngest being 3 years old I guess.

The event took place in hall that takes about 5000 spectators for a hockey game, if we count the standing places, too. There were perhaps a bit over 2000 spectators for this event: the main stand were full on both shows and there were also some people on both end stands.

It was a nice experience, and a treat to see all these stars (as in “Stars on Ice” shows in the USA) performing in this same event, and each with two solo skates and little bit in combined performances as well. The image here is the cover of the program booklet for this show.

The videos are and will be here:
(I also recently uploaded of Kiira’s visit in a Finnish children’s program from April 2006, in case you haven’t noticed – with English subtitles)