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Early magazine article

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Early article published in a weekly magazine “Apu” (2003, April 4th)

Kiira Korpi wants to make it on her own

Figure skating prospect

Kiira Korpi, 14, is doing the spins in the big rink of Hakametsä Ice Hall, famous for its ice hockey. The skill and grace of the young figure skater fills the hall even if the stands are empty during the training.

Kiira, 164 cm and 52 kg, enjoys her skating.

My size is quite right for this sport. The bigger you are, of course the more impressive you look, but if you are smaller, you can better control yourself and your movements, Kiira says.

At the same time, standing on the familiar team bench in his former place of employment, there is Rauno Korpi. He is watching her daughter’s art, but glances a couple of times also at the ceiling of the ice hall. There hangs the championship flags of Tampere hockey clubs. Korpi’s and Tappara’s championship in 1988 has remained the last one until this spring. That third consecutive year of Tappara’s championship saw also the birth of daughter to the Korpi family, Kiira, who already has grown to be Nordic Champion in her sport. Also in this season she entered first time onto the World Championship level ice in Czech Republic. She finished 7th in her group, even when her oldest rivals were already 18 years of age.

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