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Translation from Iltalehti

The original article is published in Iltalehti on 16.5.2009.
Text by Hilkka Tienhaara / photos by Sampo Rautamaa.

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Here is the whole translation of last weekend’s Iltalehti article. I’m sorry for the mistakes 🙂 I also translated little boxes next to the main article.  

Even walking was hard

Figure skater Kiira Korpi learned to appreciate things in a different way when she suddenly couldn’t take for granted the main meaning of her life.

European figure skating championships, ladies free skating at the full Hartwall-arena in the end of January. Kiira Korpi is concentrating to her first jump when her skates suddenly hits themselves. She fells down and crashes very fast to the board.

   The whole crowd sighs and thousands of Finnish flags go down but Kiira gets up. She holds her hips, bites her lip and limps to talk to the referee who gives her three minutes time to go on.

   Kiira decides to go on. The first lutz is limbo but after that we see the fighter on the ice. Triple salchow – douple toe loop is excellent and gorgeus step sequence gets the audience to ecstatic cheering. After ending her program Kiira thanks and leaves the ice.

It has gone for four months from this dramatic falling. Kiira goes back to those black moments and says that the blades of skates just hit together and after that there was nothing to do.
   “Human accident. Probably I was circling in too deep edge”
She says and admittes to afraid the worst a few seconds.
   “My hips and knee were hurt but luckily I didn’t hit my head. I have a bad experience of that six years ago. I fell down very badly in Vierumäki in a test skating and hit my head to the board so badly that I got a concussion.”

It was still quite close in EC that Kiira didn’t collapse and start to cry only because of the shock. The couch rescued the situation and said calmly that now we have a little resting break but soon we’ll continue.

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