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New article in Terveystalo magazine

Terveystalo magazine coverToday published magazine called Terveystalo includes an article of Kiira where the last season’s health issues are discussed.

Terveystalo is a magazine for customers of health services company called Terveystalo.

Kiira got Silver medal at Nebelhorn Trophy!


As you know, Kiira got the Silver Medal from Nebelhorn Trophy 2009.
She finished 2nd after being 2nd in short program and 4th in free skating.

Congrats, Kiira!

Best wishes for this season with a good start and
thanks Kiira for the *counter* birthday present for us!

Short Program
Short Program (Picture: Absolute Skating)

Competition programs:

Exhibition program:

Medal ceremony:

Anyone who knows more information such as interviews, photos, vids…,
please update this entry.

Music for Short Program
Music by Ikuko Kawai

  • Caravan
  • Wuthering Heights

Interview and pictures

News coverage after short program:

News coverage after the event:

Results of short program:

Results of free skating:

Final Results:

Judges Scores (pdf):

FPl. Name Nation Points SP FS
1 Alissa CZISNY USA 151.4 1 6
2 Kiira KORPI FIN 150.01 2 4
3 Yan LIU CHN 147.87 5 1
4 Julia SEBESTYEN HUN 146.76 3 2
5 Teodora POSTIC SLO 139.97 6 3
6 Miriam ZIEGLER AUT 132.38 4 11
7 Sarah HECKEN GER 130.73 7 8

Happy Birthday, Kiira!

It’s Kiira’s 21st birthday today!

Happy birthday, Kiira!!

Go for the podium of Nebelhorn Trophy!!!

Take it easy!!!!

Nebelhorn Trophy results

For the latest news and results from the Nebelhorn Trophy, please see the temporary site at

Kiira's blog updated

Kiira has started writing her blog for this season. First with the Finnish version, and the English version should come soon also.

Season 2009-2010 starts

The season 2009-2010 starts next Friday on the 25th of September 2009 with the Nebelhorn Trophy in Germany, Oberstdorf. Kiira will premiere her completely new short program and the free skating has also been renewed with new choreography and dress.

Kiira says that the training has gone well and without any illnesses, and because of the short last season she has been able to start basic training early and has a good start for the season.

There isn’t any special objectives for the first competition, but she aims skate a complete program and perform a jump sequence of a triple lutz and a double toe-loop. Later in the season the sequence would change to a set of two triple jumps.

The Nebelhorn competition is a place to demonstrate skills for the January’s European Championships in Tallinn, Estonia. Finland will have three places for the ladies competition. The two Vancouver Olympics 2010 places will be given based on the performances of the European Championships.

Because of the season starting, the Finnish News Agency (STT) wrote a news story which all the major news providers published:

Kiira Korpi for Nebelhorn Trophy 2009

Yes, Kiira participates in Nebelhorn Trophy 2009 in Oberstdorf, Germany.

Time Schedule

25/09/2009    08:30    Ladies Short Program
26/09/2009    08:54    Ladies Free Skating
# local time (GMT+1:00)

New song
Her biography on ISU (updated on 23/09/2009) tells she will skate her new short program to “Caravan” by Ikuko Kawai.
Ikuko Kawai, a Japanese Violinist and composer, is also known for her music “Concierto de Aranjuez” which Michelle Kwan skated to and won the U.S. and World Championships in 2002-2003.

Nebelhorn Trophy 2009 Official site

Three postage stamps of Kiira

The Tampere Philatelic association celebrates its 90th anniversary this year, and they are organizing a National Stamp Exhibition on 9th to 11th of October 2009 in Pirkkahalli in Tampere.

There they will unveil three postage stamps and a postcard featuring Kiira Korpi. The national postal service will also provide a skating themed rubber-stamp to be used when marking postage stamps.

Kiira is currently preparing for the next season, but will attend the exhibition if her schedule allows it.

In the meantime anyone can order legal postage stamps with their own photo from Itella’s website. Minimum order is 20 stamps, but there can be two different pictures in one order (10 stamps of both). Price is 1.40 € per stamp.

Original arcticle by Aamulehti.


Kiira Korpi 2009-2010 Calendar of Competisions

This is Kiira’s competition calendar of 2009-2010 season. Oh, I just found that Kiita is in Germany on her 21th birthday, 26 Sept.

Any more information of competitions? Just leave a comment!

Date Competitions Place, Country
24 – 27 Sept 2009 Nebelhorn Trophy 2009 Oberstdorf, Germany
8 – 11 Oct Finlandia Trophy Vantaa, Finland
24 – 27 Sept Nebelhorn Trophy 2009 Oberstdorf, Germany
8 – 11 Oct Finlandia Trophy Vantaa, Finland
15 – 18 Oct [GPS]Trophée Eric Bompard Cachemire Paris, France
29 Oct – 1 Nov [GPS]Cup of China Beijing, China
3 – 6 Dec [GPS]Final Tokyo, Japan
18 – 20 Dec Finnish National Championships Jyväskylä, Finland
18 – 24 Jan 2010 European Championships Tallinn, Estonia
23 / 25 Feb Olympic Winter Games Vancouver, Canada
22 – 28 Mar World Championships Torino, Italy