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Holiday greetings

Happy holidays to all our readers! Today MTV3 aired a short interview after the sports news about Kiira’s christmas plans.

Official nominations for Europeans 2010

The Finnish Figure Skating Association has officially nominated the team for the European figure skating championships. There were no surprises as the women’s team consists of Kiira Korpi, Laura Lepistö and Susanna Pöykiö. For men the single place went to Ari-Pekka Nurmenkari and for ice dancing Oksana Klimova / Sasha Palomäki.

The Europeans 2010 are held in Tallinn, Estonia on 18th – 24th of January 2010. For Finnish fans it is worth to mention that the competition is going to be brodcasted live in high definition in Yle HD channel for free.

Nationals 2010: Silver!

Kiira was first today at the free skating with a score of 106,35. Laura did also a good free skate with almost the same score of 106,24 and because of yesterday Kiira finished second.

Final results:

FPl. Name Nation Points SP FS
1 Laura LEPISTÖ ESJT 167.79 1 2
2 Kiira KORPI TAPPA 159.28 2 1
3 Susanna PÖYKIÖ OLK 147.85 3 3
4 Alisa MIKONSAARI LL 133.70 4 4
5 Minna PARVIAINEN ETK 121.27 5 5
6 Henriikka HIETANIEMI HL 114.54 6 6

Free skating results:

Pl. Name Nation TSS
SS TR PE CH IN Deduction
1 Kiira KORPI TAPPA 106.35 47.60 58.75 7.61 6.71 7.46 7.57 7.36 0.00 #6
2 Laura LEPISTÖ ESJT 106.24 44.99 61.25 7.82 7.21 7.68 8.00 7.57 0.00 #5
3 Susanna PÖYKIÖ OLK 99.00 44.08 54.92 7.18 6.29 7.04 7.00 6.82 0.00 #4
4 Alisa MIKONSAARI LL 86.48 44.82 41.66 5.50 4.79 5.46 5.29 5.00 0.00 #3
5 Minna PARVIAINEN ETK 77.55 35.95 41.60 5.50 4.75 5.29 5.25 5.21 0.00 #2
6 Henriikka HIETANIEMI HL 74.60 33.41 41.19 5.32 5.00 5.04 5.32 5.07 0.00 #1

Judges Score (pdf)

Short Program
Free Skating

Media coverage:

Nationals 2010: Short Program

Kiira skated her Short Program after Laura and Susanna, and got 52.93 points which leaves her at second place at this point. Laura got 61.55 points and is leading now, and Susanna is third with 48.85 points. Kiira fell one jump and had couple of deductions.

FPl. Name Nation Points SP FS
1 Laura LEPISTÖ ESJT 61.55 1
2 Kiira KORPI TAPPA 52.93 2
3 Susanna PÖYKIÖ OLK 48.85 3
4 Alisa MIKONSAARI LL 47.22 4
5 Minna PARVIAINEN ETK 43.72 5
6 Henriikka HIETANIEMI HL 39.94 6

Interview after the SP (with translation, thanks Roikale95!):

Finnish Nationals tomorrow

Nationals 2010 posterAnna, one of our regulars, reported yesterday that the Finnish Figure Skating Association will show the nationals in internet LIVE in this address:

Live video feed:

Time schedule: (check clock at upper left corner on this page)

  • Ladies’ Short Program on Saturday at 15:24 – 16:07 Finnish time
  • Ladies’ Free Skating on Sunday at 16:35 – 17:28 Finnish time.

Official web page of the Nationals.

Official results will be posted here.

Kiira voted as best athlete from Tampere

Tommi Evilä, Kiira Korpi and Annika Urvikko. Picture: Pekka Saarinen - Aamulehti

Kiira was voted as the best athlete from Tampere today by the association of sport reporters of Tampere. This was the 50th time this poll was conducted. Long jumper Tommi Evilä got the second most votes and gymnast Annika Orvikko the thirst most. Kiira was awarded a challenge cup designed by Kalle Kaihari.

Campaigning for swine flu vaccination

Kiira is appearing in a video to support swine flu vaccinations made for the Finnish national institute for health and welfare.

Interview before the Nationals

The Finnish Nationals are being held next weekend in Jyväskylä. There is no strict requirements for points, since the two places for the Olympics are given based on success in the Europeans next January in Tallinn, Estonia.

Kiira attended Valio‘s press conference in Valio Ice Cream Bar in Kamppi shopping center in Helsinki. Here is a short interview from Nelonen sport news which was aired 10th of December 2009. Remember to turn on English subtitles.

NRW Trophy 2009 final results

Free Skating place was also 6th, which brings the final place to 5th.

News coverage:

Video of Free Skating:

    NRW Trophy 2009 SP results

    Kiira is 6th after Short Program at NRW Trophy 2009. She got only 47.18 points because failing both of the triple jumps.

    Official results here.

    News coverage: