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Twitter Updates for 2010-01-30

Twitter Updates for 2010-01-29

  • Kiira was nominated to the Finnish olympic team officially today, along with Laura Lepistö and Ari-Pekka Nurmenkari. #

Twitter Updates for 2010-01-28

  • Kiira's new blog post. Overall happy with Euros, good feedback from the EX show, now 2½ week training to Vancouver: #

Kiira in February 2010 issue of "Gloria"

I already uploaded these to the Forum, but in order to have the files stored also in this site, here they are again. There is an altogether 6-page article of her in this Finnish women’s/fashion magazine (+ cover). The article is mostly about Kiira’s presence in media, peoples’ perception of her, her image – also with a fashion viewpoint. Overall tone is quite positive, at least neutral, but there is very little input from Kiira herself – it doesn’t include proper interview, just few quotes. The pictures, however, are very nice – although to my liking, too much photoshopped.

Credit: Gloria, February 2010. Photographs by: Nina Merikallio / Stylist: Teri Niitti (article is written by Sami Sykkö)

Gloria Magazine, February 2010, Cover


Gloria Magazine, February 2010, Inner Page 1

Kiira Korpi 1

Gloria Magazine, February 2010, Inner Page 2

Kiira Korpi 2

Gloria Magazine, February 2010, Inner Page 3

Kiira Korpi 3

Gloria Magazine, February 2010, Inner Page 4

Kiira Korpi 4

Euros 2010 Exhibition Gala video

Twitter Updates for 2010-01-25

  • Euros 2010 Exhibition Gala has started. Kiira's program is titled "If I were a boy" and she has a sleeveless black dress. #
  • Euros 2010 Exhibition show now uploaded (still encoding though): #

Twitter Updates for 2010-01-24

Twitter Updates for 2010-01-23

  • Kiira’s Euros 2010 SP program now in HD video: #
  • Ladies’ Free Skating has started. Kiira will skate as the last contestant, on 5:24:50 pm local time. #
  • It seemed Poykio withdrew from FS… it means Kiira and Laura will no doubt go to Vancouver. Go for the top of the EM podium, Kiira!!! #
  • The last group of Ladies free skating will be started soon: GEDEVANISHVILI, LEPISTO, KOSTNER, LEONOVA and KORPI. Go, Kiira!!! #
  • Warm-up of Group 4 has just started! #
  • “Wait seconds! Wait seconds!” #
  • “Show your flags!” #
  • Warm-up ends… #
  • Elene start her skating… #
  • Elene got 1st now and Laura is coming! #
  • Laura got 1st place! Carolina is coming… #
  • Carolina is now 1st. Alena is skating… #
  • Alena finished. Kiira, Kiira, Kiira!!! #
  • Kiira starts now. Needs 109.20 to win. #
  • Kiira started her FS! Go, Kiira! #
  • Wow, Kiira fell… #
  • Kiira finished EM 4th… sorry Kiira #
  • Kiira fell and had couple of other mistakes. Got 99.42 points for FS and fell down to fourth in final standings. Only 0.8 points from third. #
  • Final place: Carolina, Laura, Elene, Kiira, Sarah, Julia… #
  • Good performance especially yesterday, but still a little bit dissappointing. It was so close! #
  • Good thing though: Kiira goes to Vancouver with Laura! #
  • The podium without Kiira… damn. Anyway, Congrats, Laura. #

Euros 2010 Kiira was 4th overall

Ladies free skating of Euros 2010 was over.
Kiira Korpi fell and had couple of other mistakes. Got 99.42 points for FS and fell down to fourth in final standings. Only 0.86 points from third.

Kiira will go to Vancouver with her Finnish team mate Laura Lepistö.

Congrats, Kiira and Laura!

Video of Free Skate (HD):

Interview with translation after Free Skate (Thanks Roikale95!):

Media Coverage

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Euros 2010 FS Kiira skates the last of all

The starting order for Ladies free skating was announced and
Kiira will be the last of 5 skaters in the last Group 4.


According to their time schedule (pdf),
Kiira will be skating on 17:24 (Finnish/Estonian time).

Internet Live


Goooo Kiira!!

Enjoy your free skating!!!

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