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Twitter Updates for 2010-03-28

  • @Hetzig No problem! Sorry for the video to not be processed yet, but it should be pretty soon 🙂 in reply to Hetzig #
  • The ladies’ Free Skating is underway. Kiira will skate at 14:22:50 local time (that’s 15:22:50 Finnish time)! #
  • Warming up of 2nd group started #
  • Kiira is warming up on ice. 20 minutes to skating. #
  • Kiira finished warming up… #
  • Well, about time to appear Kiira on ice #
  • Kiira is on ice. Still waiting for points for the previous skater. #
  • Go, Kiira! Goooooo! #
  • Kiira finished FS… #
  • At least something positive: no falls. #
  • Kiira got 82.77 points and is now in overall rank 4th (134.49 points). #
  • Congrats Laura for the bronze! #
  • Kiira finished overall 19th with 134.49 points. Long behind from her own level. #

[Worlds 2010] Kiira Korpi's Free Skating

Congratulations Laura for the bronze!

Kiira finished 19th with 134.49 points, long behind her own level.



[table id=19 /]

Starting order
Detailed schedule (pdf)

Twitter Updates for 2010-03-27

  • Kiira skates her SP just after Mao Asada… what a bad luck! Anyway, concentrate and take it easy, Kiira! #figureskating #
  • It’s about time to start warming up of 9th group including Kiira and Laura. Carolina, Mao, Miki, Elene are also the same group. #
  • Warming up was finished. #
  • Carolina started… #
  • Carolina is now 1st with 62.20pts. The next is Mao Asada. #
  • Mao is now 1st with 68.08pts. The next is, yes, KIIRA! #
  • Kiira starts her Short Program now! #
  • Kiira falls her first jump… #
  • Second one goes better. #
  • Rest of the program goes well, but the one big mistake just at the beginning. #
  • Kiira finished… with applause and many Finish flags. #
  • 51.72 points for SP. Currently in 8th place. #
  • Laura is skating… #
  • Laura got 64.30 points (SB) and currently in 2nd place! #
  • After 9th group finished, kiira is 11th and Laura 2nd. #
  • Well, go for the next, Kiira! Tomorrow must be another day! #
  • Kiira’s interview with subtitles after the Short Program: #

[Worlds 2010] Kiira Korpi's Short Program

Kiira fell the first jump and got 51.72 points from her Short Program and placed on 8th place. Before the last group of 6 skaters she is 11th.



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Twitter Updates for 2010-03-26

  • Worlds SP time schedule has been published. Kiira will skate tomorrow at 16:12-16:18 local time (GMT+1). Schedule PDF: #

[Worlds 2010] Kiira Korpi to World Championships 2010

Kiira Korpi and Laura Lepistö / photo:YLE archives

The World Figure Skating Championships 2010 (WC, MM) will be held at Palavela arena in Torino, Italy (Yes, it reminds us Kiira in the 2006 Olympics) and is really coming soon!

Representing Finland, Kiira Korpi and Laura Lepistö will participate in the competition.

According to YLE news: 55 skaters take part to the Worlds (you can see the Entries list). Among the skaters who participate Laura is 5th according to world ranking, and Kiira is 10th, which means that they will be in the two last groups on Friday. So we guess Kiira in second to last, and Laura in last. And the Finnish Figureskating Association‘s official target is to get three places for the Worlds next year. That would require a sum of places no more than 13.

Go Kiira and Laura to get 3 places for Finland!

Schedule: Full week. Short program.

Friday March 26th
13:30-17:40 Ladies short program (latter group)
Kiira will skate at 16:12 – 16:18.
Saturday March 27th
14:00-16:55 Ladies free skating (latter 18 skaters)
Sunday March 28th
Exhibition Gala

Media Coverage:
YLE news
TV schedule in Finland
Live Internet TV (probably works only in EU)

Starting Orders / Result Details:

The Official Site:

Twitter Updates for 2010-03-16

  • Kiira writes in her newest blog post that the Olympics and the Plan charity gala were great experiences: #
  • Kiira has been confirmed to skate in Festa on Ice 2010 invitational competition in Seoul, South Korea, on 16-18. April. #

Plan charity gala shows

Here is the first part of the Plan charity gala show at Helsinki Ice Hall on 11th of March 2010. Kiira is skating with Pete Parkkonen‘s song Peels.

In the second part Kiira is skating with Johanna Kurkela‘s Rakkauslaulu (“Love song”).

Interview at Plan charity gala

Last Thursday the Plan Ice Gala charity was held in Helsinki for the girls living at developing countires. Kiira was one of the skaters at the gala, and performed two shows. Both of them will be uploaded later. Here is an MTV3 “entertainment news” interview from the gala:

Kiira and Laura back home !!

At about 08 p.m on Tuesday the Finnish delegation landed in Helsinki-Vantaa airport and has received a congratulation party.

Kiira and Laura has been interviewed, very smiling and kind – despite of the long distance travel and fatigue.