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[Worlds 2010] Kiira Korpi's Free Skating

Congratulations Laura for the bronze!

Kiira finished 19th with 134.49 points, long behind her own level.



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Starting order
Detailed schedule (pdf)

Twitter Updates for 2010-03-27

  • Kiira skates her SP just after Mao Asada… what a bad luck! Anyway, concentrate and take it easy, Kiira! #figureskating #
  • It’s about time to start warming up of 9th group including Kiira and Laura. Carolina, Mao, Miki, Elene are also the same group. #
  • Warming up was finished. #
  • Carolina started… #
  • Carolina is now 1st with 62.20pts. The next is Mao Asada. #
  • Mao is now 1st with 68.08pts. The next is, yes, KIIRA! #
  • Kiira starts her Short Program now! #
  • Kiira falls her first jump… #
  • Second one goes better. #
  • Rest of the program goes well, but the one big mistake just at the beginning. #
  • Kiira finished… with applause and many Finish flags. #
  • 51.72 points for SP. Currently in 8th place. #
  • Laura is skating… #
  • Laura got 64.30 points (SB) and currently in 2nd place! #
  • After 9th group finished, kiira is 11th and Laura 2nd. #
  • Well, go for the next, Kiira! Tomorrow must be another day! #
  • Kiira’s interview with subtitles after the Short Program: #