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Kiira and Petra starring in Puma's new Training for Women collection

Petra and Kiira © 2010 PUMA Women Training

Petra and Kiira © 2010 PUMA Women Training

Puma’s new Women Training collection features both Kiira and Petra Korpi as it’s cover faces. The collection will be available during this autumn, and includes clothing for various sports such as running, fitness, gym and dancing. This was the first commercial photo shoot for Petra and also the first time both of them are appearing together in an ad.

“Petra and Kiira are the best possible faces to represent our Puma Women Training collection. Glorious sisters are sporty and elegant young women and also great role models for younger people. Petra and Kiira have a healthy humorous attitude toward sports. Instead of “blood, sweat and tears” they have fun while doing sports – exactly what Puma wants to say.” Says Puma Finland’s head of advertising Sanna Hautala.