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Yu-Na Kim sacked her coach!

It seems Yu-Na Kim sacked her coach, Brian Orser… here’s the news

News update: 

From the Toronto Cricket Skating and Curling Club, where for four years was a student of Brian Orser, Yu-Na Kim moved to Granite Club, where’s working the former Canadian dance champion Shae-Lynn Bourne, the same where also Kiira practised. No more danger, therefore, to come face to face with the former coach. Kim assigned to Shae-Lynn, who has been working successfully as a choreographer, the preparation of his new Short Program, after working for Free Skating with his usual choreographer David Wilson.

Just the FS was one of the last causes of division between the skater and Orser, who has revealed to the agency France Presse that the music will be used by his former student (a mix of korean music, including folk song “Arirang”). The entourage of Kim didn’t like it, and accused Orser of having deliberately given the information without authorization, to harm the athlete. The Canadian coach had spoken to praise his former pupil, “is a fantastic program, the best I’ve seen so far,” he said, but there you are, the misstep was done.

For its part, Orser had previously complained of a lack of respect for the team of Korean skater, saying he felt insulted.