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New official site of Kiira Korpi

At the same day as we unveiled our new site, the new official site at has been published today.


Kiira Korpi's new official site -

It features a Twitter feed, new photo and video gallery and a events calendar. There is also a mood meter which Kiira says she update with her phone during competitions and upload photos!

We hope everyone likes the both new sites, these are a great way to cheer Kiira for the new season! Everything is renewed now!

We have a new site!

Welcome to a brand new site!

We have moved our site to Finland, which should provide much faster browsing experience for most of our visitors. Also the login and commenting problems should be a thing from the past now! If you have still problems, contact as at

You can now find all articles from all of the different versions of this site from the archives! That is 435 blog posts from as far as February 2006! Happy reading and nostalgic feelings! There are some unreadable text in the articles because of Japanese characters, but you can just skip that text.

– Your admins.