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Thanks for 5th Anniversary! 5th Anniversary

On 28th February 2011, is celebrating the 5th anniversary of the start of the former site “Addicted to Kiira Korpi! – キーラ・コルピ研究所”.
Back in those days, there are almost no information about Kiira (especially in English)
and that’s why I started the site to gather and exchange information with worldwide fans.

I couldn’t keep the site running without all your supports and help:
Thanks all members and visitors for your continuous support,
photographers and journalists for great work and permission for usage of copyrighted materials,
contributing authors for great news, articles and comments,
Ville and Timo for great job and help as co-administrators,
team Kiira for adding our site to one of CONNECT links on the official site (yeah, did you know it?).
And Kiira… for your great performances and everything. It’s such an honor to come to know you.

Now, Kiira has her cool official site, the official fan page on facebook
and even tweets on twitter by herself
I sometimes ask myself  “what else do we want? No longer in need of a fan site?”.
But I still believe it would be nice for us to have a third-party fan site, right?

Let’s have fun and keep it rolling!


Nordics 2011

According to official website of the event, it seems neither Kiira, nor Laura will participate to next Nordics in Copenaghen:

The new entries representing Finland are Alisa Mikonsaari, Beata Papp, Juulia Turkkila and Cecilia Torn.

Maybe STLL decided to organize a stage in Vierumaki, but I’m not sure of this: has anyone some news about it?