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[Worlds 2011] Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

Thanks for worrying about my safety. Yes, I’m alright in Tokyo.
Here is the first report from ISU about conditions in Tokyo. For now, the competition seems to be held.

Earthquake, Tsunami in Japan
11 Mar 2011 10:32

As you probably are aware an earthquake and a so defined Tsunami hit the territory of Japan today March 11, 2011.
The ISU received an e-mail message from the head office of the Japan Skating Federation (JSF) informing that one of their representatives had visited Yoyogi stadium and considered it suitable to host the World Figure Skating Championships 2010/11.
The said communication from the (JSF) informs that the situation in Tokyo is settled and seems to be in-line for conducting the Championships.
However the message of the head office of the JSF points out that the Narita Airport is closed.
Further information will be given to the ISU by the JSF, in the meantime the ISU wishes to remind that the ISU World Figure Skating Championships are scheduled to commence with the practice sessions on March 20, 2011.
The ISU, while expressing its sympathy to the Japan entities, is confident that the local conditions will permit to regularly conduct the Event.
The ISU is planning to issue another Communication in the next days.

Ottavio Cinquanta
ISU President

The following photos are what I happened while I went home by foot.

No trains running

People stand in line to buy a new bicycle (!) to go home (!!)

People at Shinjuku station who gave up to go home tonight.

Walking to the gates of restored railway at Shinjuku Station

No rice balls neither sandwiches in stock at convenience stores. Neither Alkarine batteries for charging mobile phones.

Office workers who can not go home rest at the lobby of their office building in Shinjuku.