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[Worlds 2011] More news on Worlds in Moscow

The rink that will host Worlds, as announced, will be Megasport Arena, a big structure completed in 2006, capable of 14000 seats and with all necessary equipment for athletes. Seats available for the public will be reduced to a maximum of 10000, to assure places for the press box and reserved seats. The ticket prices should be commensurate with European standards, probably in line with prices of Torino 2010. Just came out today on a Russian website a page to purchase tickets (only in Russian): should be out soon an official website.

The Russian government has ensured fast procedures for the granting of visas for athletes, coaches, officials and fans. As the calendar, still not official, should follow the originally intended: the arrival of the athletes on 24, qualifications on 25 and 26, opening ceremony, Pairs/Men SP on 27, Pairs/Men FP on 28, SD and Ladies SP on 29 , FD and Ladies FP on 30. The television coverage will be ensured by the RTR channel Russia 2, with the broadest coverage possible, inform the Russian newspapers.

ISU has left the entries scheduled for Tokyo, but are expected confirmation of the various federations. For now, we know that Yu-Na Kim reiterated his intention to participate, returned to Korea on March 20, has coached in Seoul but has been busy working with the Committee for the Olympic Games in 2018. Finnish sources say instead Laura Lepistö won’t go anyway. Will be present the Japanese team and the same ISU in its statement of March 24 expressed the belief that it will be welcomed with special attention and respect. It seems that a hotel chain has offered to host the delegation of Japan for free.

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Here’s the timetable (Russian time) for Worlds:

Monday 25/4
14.00 Men’s qualifying

Tuesday 26/4
12.00 Dance qualifying
15.30 Women’s qualifying

Wednesday 27/4
13.00 Men’s SP
18.00 Pairs’ SP

Thursday 28/4
13.30 Men’s FS
18.30 Pairs’ FS

Friday 29/4
13.30 Women’s SP
18.30 SP Dance

Saturday 30/4
13.30 Women’s FS
18.30 FS Dance

Sunday 1/5
14.00 Gala

On 2/5, winners (and not only) will be on St. Petersburg’s ice for a second Gala.